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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 23, 2014

Trade List:
3x $1 on any Dove men +care face care product. Sept 5, 12, 12 .2014

2x $5 Genacok simmeil & articulations sept 12, 14 2014

4 x $1 seventh generation natural dish liquid soap. Dec 31. 2014

4 x .50 pears bar or liquid soap product. September 5, 12, 12, 14 2014

1x $1 on a box of mini wheats centres cereal. October, 12, 2014

Free! Buy any one Gillette fusion proglide cartridge get any one Gillette shave prep free ( max 7.99 for shave prep item) - august 30 2014

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 22, 2014

Trade List:
Love is contagious. I trade joy!
Show me yours
You've always been my favorite
Let's Get Dizzy!
No I'm not asleep, I'm dreaming!
I sing, you dance!
Cats are proof that life makes no sense.
YOU are free!! Stop whining!
The longer you lick, the more the taste changes
There is no 'We' in cupcake
3 cats and a crinkly bag
Time to go! Thanks everyone!!!

Wish List:
More Wine, Less Bra!
Peace love and joy for everyone!
A little luck now and then
Some fun
No broken bones
Strip teased
NHL lockout = oilers win
Sad people find joy
Losers try and try #andtry
Kissy when no one is looking!
People would spay neuter cats.
Smooth legs!
Spring! Summer!!!
Midnight storms

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Alyssa Gingy Arsenault

Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 20, 2014

Trade List:
At the end of my demos I always have a bunch of coupons left over so im willing to trade them in.

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 17, 2014

Trade List:
Coupons should have equal value in a trade
I will give $3 in coupons for a Stouffer's Pin
I give $5 in coupons for $1 Canadian Tire Money
A minimum of $5 trade both ways
One of each coupon unless otherwise noted
Expire in 2014 unless stated

$1 off a 739 mL of 7th Generation of Natrual Dish Liquid expiring Dec 31
Mail in rebate off any Airwick Car Filters & Fresheners Expiring Jul 31
Buy Airwick Freshmatic Starter Kit and Get a Refill for Free Expiring Jul 31
$3 off a Airwick Scented Oil Starter Kit Expiring Jul 31
$1.50 off a 1.75 carton of Amore Almond milk expiring Sept 1
$3 off an Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter Expiring Jul 31 (4 coupons)
$3 off an Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter Expiring Oct 31
$1 off an Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent Expiring Aug 31
$1 off an Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Expiring Jul 31 (5 coupons)
$1 off an Arm & Hammer Spinbrush or Replacement Head Expiring Sept 9
$1 off Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Expiring Jul 31
$1.50 off an Arm & Hammer Toothtunes Toothbrush Expiring Dec 1 (2 coupons)
$3 off Arm & Hammer Clump
$1 off Atkins or either 1 bar, 5 pk treats or 4pk Shakes
Free Balance Bar expiring Dec 31
$1 off 2 single or a value pk of Balance expiring Dec 31
$2 off Beneful Dry Dog Food Expiring Sept 30
$1 off Beneful Wet Dog Food Expiring Dec 12
$1 off Beneful Wet Dog Food expiring Dec 31
$1 off Bertolli Olive Oil Spray expiring Dec 31
$2 off Biore Skin Care Expiring Dec 31 (2 coupons)
$3 off Blue Dry Cat Food Expiring Dec 31
$2 off Blue Cat Litter Expiring Dec 31
$0.50 off Blue Cat Treats Expiring Dec 31
$0.50 off Blue Wet Cat Food Expiring Dec 31
$2 off Buckley's Lozenges Expiring Dec 31
$1 off Bush's Baking Beans expiring Aug 14
$1 off Bush's Baked Beans Expiring Aug 31
$2 off Caf-Lib Expiring Aug 31 (2 coupons)
$2 off a 4 drink or 10 powder pk of Carnations Breakfast Expiring Sep 30 (3 coupons)
$3 off 12 Trays of Cesar Wet Dog Food Expiring Jul 31 (10 coupons)
$3 off 12 Trays of Cesar Wet Dog Food Expiring Nov 1
$2 off a 3 kg bag of Cesar Dry Dog Food Expiring Sept 30
$1.50 off 2 500 kg of Black Diamond Cheese Slices Expiring Dec 31
$1 off Black Diamond Cheese Spread Expiring Dec 31 (2 coupons)
$1 off a 16 or 28 pk Black Diamond Cheese Strings Expiring Dec 31 (2 coupons)
$1 off Clear Eyes Expiring Sept 30
$1 off Colgate Toothbrush 360 or Slim Soft Manual Expiring Jul 31 (2 coupons)
$2 off Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Mouthwash Expiring Jul 31 (2 coupons)
$3 off 120 mL Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste Expiring Jul 31 (2 coupons)
$2 off 500 mL or 1 L Colgate Total Mouthwash Expiring Jul 31 (2 coupons)
$2 off Colgate Total Mouthwash (not travel) expiring Sept 30
$1 off Colgate Total Advanced Health 170 mL Toothpaste expiring Sept 30
$1 off Colgate 360 or Slim Soft Toothbrush expiring Sept 30
$1 off Dempsters Zero Bread Expiring Dec 31 (2 coupons)
$1 off Elastoplast Fabric, Heavy Fabric or Sensitive bandaids expiring Sept 22
$3 off Ester-C Expiring Jul 31
$2 off Estroven Expiring Nov 30
$2 off Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizer Expiring Aug 18
$1 off Frank's Red Hot Sauce Expiring Dec 31 (2 coupons)
$1 off 500 mL or 830 mL French's Mustard Expiring Dec 31 (2 coupons)
$0.75 off French's Salad C ravers Expiring Jul 31
Buy 5 156 g of Friskies Wet Cat Food and get a 6th one free, expires Jul 31 (22 coupons)
$1 off Gillette Fushion ProGlide Razor (not trial, travel, value or bonus) expiring Sept 30 (4 coupons)
$4 off Gillette Fushion ProGlide Styler (not trial, travel, value or bonus) expiring Aug 31 (4 coupons)
$2 off I-Cool tablets expiring Oct 31
$2 off I-Cool tablets expiring Nov 30
$2 off Jamieson Bodyguard Supplement expiring Aug 31
$2 off Jamieson Prental multivitamin or Prenatal with DHA expiring Jul 31
$0.75 off Keebler Ready Crust expiring Dec 31
$1.50 off 2 Kelloggo's cereals (Frosted Flakes 445g, Froot Loops 345g, Corn Pops 320 g, Krave 312-323g) expiring Dec 31 (10 coupons)
$2 off Lactaid Supplements expiring Oct 5 (4 coupons)
$1 off 1 L of Lactania Flavored Milk expiring Aug 31
$1 off 2 L of Lactania Iced Coffee expiring Jul 31 (2 coupons)
$2 off Lavazza Coffee expiring Jul 31
$1 off any Lysol item except the 35 ct wipes expiring Jul 31
$0.50 off Lysol Disinfectant Spray or Fabric Mist expiring Jul 31
$1 off Majesta EZ Flush expiring Dec 31 4 (coupons)
$1 off Mini Wheat Center Cereal expiring Aug 31 (2 coupons)
$1 off Mini Wheat Center Cereal expiring Sept 22
$1 off Mini Wheat Center Cereal expiring Dec 31 (8 coupons)
$1 off a 2 pk of Minute Rice Ready to Serve Mexican Rice expiring Nov 30 (4 coupons)
$1 off 500 g of Morning Crisp Cereal expiring Jul 31
$1 off carton of Nabob 12CT Keurig Compatible Single Serve Coffee Pads expiring Aug 10 (5 coupons)
$2 off Nature's Bounty Vitamins expiring Jul 31
$0.75 off Newman's Salad Dressing or Salsa expiring Aug 31
$0.75 off Newman's Salad Dressing or Salsa expiring Sept 30
$3 off Olay body wash (not trial, travel, value, gift or bonus pks) expiring July 31
free Olay sample 50mL bottle
$3 off 100 mL Otrivin Saline Sevre Congestion Relief with sea water expiring Aug 14
$2 off OxiClean Dishwashing Detergents expiring Sept 30 (3 coupons)
$1.50 off Oxiclean Laundry Detergents expiring Dec 31
$2 off Oxiclean Powder or paks expiring Dec 31
$3 off OxiClean Dishwashing Item expiring Dec 31
Buy 2 bags of Pedigree Dog Treats and get the 3rd one free expiring Jul 31 (2 coupons)
Buy 2 bags of Pedigree Dog Treats and get the 3rd one free expiring Sept 30
$1 off a bag of Pedigree Dog Treats expiring Aug 31
$2 off Pledge Floor Cleaner expiring Oct 31
$1 off 2 single or a value pk of pure protein expiring Dec 31
$3 off Raid Powerpad Lamp or Latern or the Refills for them expiring Nov 31
$1 off any Raid or Off expiring Nov 31
$4 off 2 Raid or Off items expiring Nov 30
$1 off any Reach Toothbrush expected for Crystal Clean expiring Aug 22
$1.50 off Ristorante Pizza expiring Dec 31
$5 off Robax Caplets expiring Nov 30
$2 off a Robax Heatwrap expiring Nov 30
$1 off 6, 2 mega rolls or 12 rolls o Royale Tiger paper towels expiring Dec 31 (3 coupons)
$1 off Royale Velour expiring Dec 31 (6 coupons)
$1 off a Rubbermaid Beverage Cup expiring Aug 9
$1 off Rubbermaid easy find lids; produce saver or lock-its expiring Aug 9
$1 off Schneider Country Naturals expiring Jul 31 (4 coupons)
$2 off Scope Rinse (expect trial, travel, gift or bonus) expiring Sept 7 (4 coupons)
$0.50 off a 60 or 100 ct bottle of Senokot expiring Sept 30
$2 off 2 170-220g Smartfood Popcorn expiring Sept 30 (7 coupons)
$1 off higher than a 20 ct of Snuggle Sheets expiring Oct 31
$1 off 125 g of Special K Chocolatey Caramel of Cookies Creme Flav expiring Aug 31
$1 off 190- 220 g of Special K Flatbread Muligram Sandwich expiring Dec 31 (5 coupons)
$2 off 425 mL bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce expiring Jul 31
Buy 2 Temptations Cat Treats and get a 3rd one free expiring Sept 30
$1.50 off Tenderflake pie crust expiring Dec 31
$1 off Vileda Gloves expiring Sept 30
$2 off 50-150 g of Voltaren Emulgel Pain Relief expiring Dec 31
$.50 off Weber Just Add Juice Marinade Mix expiring Sept 30
$0.50 off a 146 or 158 g bag of Werther's Original expiring Sept 30
$2 off 400 g box of Wheatabix Alpen or Grainshop Cereal expiring Aug 31 (2 coupons)
Buy 3 400 g boxes of Wheatabix, Alpen or Grainshop Cereal get a 4th free expiring Aug 31 (2 coupons)
$2 off 296 g Bottle of Windex Mult-surface disinfectant touchup Cleaner expiring Oct 31

The following coupons can only be used at a WHOLE FOODS MARKET in Canada, where printed from my computer and expire on Oct 31/ 2014:
$1 off 1.89 L of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Beverage
$1 off 32 oz of Pacific Natural Foods Non-Diary Beverage
$1 off a Greek Gods Yogurt
$1 off Rudi's Organic Bakery Products
$1 off Barbara's cereal
$0.55 off 296 mL bottle of San-J Gluten Free Asian Cooking Sauce
$1 off 739 mL
Seventh Generation Dish Liquid
$3 off Seventh Generation
Laundry Liquid expiring
$1 off any R.W. Knudsen Family Product
$0.75 off a min 1.99 purchase of Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade expiring Oct 31
$0.20 off Steaz Iced Tea or Energy
$0.50 off 500 mL Vita Coco Coconut Water or 330 mL Vita Coco Cafe Latte 1
$0.50 off Simply Protein Bar or Snack
$0.50 off a Clif Mojo Bar
$0.50 off a Larabar Product
$1 off a full size Weleda Body Care Product
$1.50 off Aubrey Product
$2 off a Health Starts Here Southwest Chicken Wrap

Wish List:
A min of $5 in trading
Coupons trading to be equal or close to it
I will give $2 in coupons for a Stouffers pin with UPC code
I will give $1 in coupons for 25 cents in Canadian Tire Money

Almond Milk
Hawiian Punch
Glucerna Drink
Chapman Ice Cream
Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen
Mintue Rice Ready to serve cups
Stouffers Dinners or Bistro
Lean Cusine
Stouffer Pins with UPCs Will trade for $1 worth in Coupns for each code
Canadian Tire Money Will trade for 25 cents in CTM for $1 in coupons
Kraft Cheese slices
Gluten Free Pasta (any kind)
Uncle Ben's Rice *box form
Natural Defense Dry Dog Food
Honey Nut Cheerios
Lays Potato Chips Bags or Cans
Diet Coke
Chex Cereal
Frozen Fruit
Gluten Free Bread
Gluten Free Frozen, Waffles, or Pancakes
Bryers Ice Cream
Maple Lodge Cold cuts or Chicken dogs
Minute Rice (box form)
Special Kitty Cusine Dry 3.5 lbs
Special Kitty Cusine Wet
Iams Purrfect Delicates Wet Cat Food
Gluten free brenton crackers
Ensure Drinks
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
Ivory Body wash or bar soap
Sunny Delight Orange Juice
Soy Milk
Ocean's Pole & Line Tuna
Burn's Flakes of
Can Luncheon Meat
Campbell's Soup
Primo Soup
Apple Cider Vinegar
Nestle Bottle Water
Chia Seeds

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Jul 14, 2014

Trade List:
chrome door handle cover, mirror cover, front grille, body kit, spoiler, side skirt, front bumper, rear bumper, tail wing, fuel tank cover, mud guard, head lamp cover, running board, roof rack, hardware, plastic products

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Trade Rating: 14
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jul 13, 2014

Trade List:


B1G1 Snickers/M&M etc
Lindt FPCs
$1 off Eggos
$2 off Healthy Choice Steamers
$2 off Janes chicken or fish
Lactantia coupons or FPC
Pillsbury cookies coupon
Carnation milk coupons
$2 VH Steamers coupons
Knorr coupons - save $1 wub any 3
Dole Fruitcups coupon - save $0.75 gc - $5
Lactantia - $0.75 off butter
Old Dutch Chips $2
Villagio or D’Italiano bread

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Trade Rating: 113
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jul 12, 2014

Trade List:
-I'm looking to trade COUPONS I CAN'T USE for COUPONS I CAN USE
As long as we are both happy.

Trades of $10+ just make more cents (ha ha..CENTS)

Wish List:
My Wishlist in my threads will always be more specific with current coupon offers I am LF. For the sake of not having to update this list, if you have anything below feel free to contact me!


FRUIT ( fresh and frozen)
VEGETABLES (fresh, frozen if HV)
MANNs VEGETABLES valid on any
SILK soy or almond any size
COKE (anything)
CAMPBELL's (valid on 'any')
Sunrise tofu
Soyganic tofu
Pasta sauce (Ragu, Classico, Other brands)
Crispy Minis (Quaker)
Rooster or Thai kitchen coconut milk can
Kikkoman products
Earthbound Organics (valid on any product)
Gardein products
McCain Ultra Thin pizzas (soooo good!)
Other pizza if HV ($2 Delissio)
Traditional Medicinals teas NED only
Stash tea
Perrier water
Almond Breeze (valid on the 1L)
Rice Dream
Schwepps or other Club soda
Pediasure cheques
Oasis juice boxes
Sun Rype juice boxes
Glad wrap, kitchen catchers
Live clean valid on any, any UPC NED
Royale TP ( $2+)
Burt's Bees
Centrum vitamin stacks (valid on any, Forte adult, or for women)

- healthy stuff preffered- NO MEAT OR EGGS

FPC Starbucks drink replacement coupon

FPC Kelloggs item no max value NED

FPC Kashi item no max value NED

FPC Hain Celestial

$4 Quaker voucher


-DMR codes
- Cineplex theatre admit 1 tickets or Movie packages (from airmiles)

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Trade Rating: 236
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jul 9, 2014

Trade List:

Astro Zero FPC (Good on 12x100g, 16x100g, or 650g tub Exp Dec 31st 2014 (No max, but trading at $5 value each) x3
Dr Oetker Mug Cake FPC 2x90g Exp Dec 31st 88624769
Johnsons FPC* (NO MAX) Good on Band-Aid, Rogaine, Visine, Listerine, Johnson First Aid, Polysporin, Bengay. Exp June 30th 2015
Landmark Kids Movie Experience* Exp Dec 31st 2015 (Includes admission and kids combo)
LePage Ultra Gel MIR Up to $10.20 Exp Oct 15th (Sells for $8-$9 at Walmart) x6 <-- (MIR-FREE WITH TRADE, just ask)
OB Tampons 18 count FPC Exp Oct 28th 29009578
Physicians Formula up to $25 MIR. Exp Feb 28th
Reser's, FPC* any Reser's Brand product (up to $9), 71117399, NED


Adams Natural Peanut Butter $1 Exp March 31st 51527310 x5
Almond Breeze Chilled Almond Milk $1 Exp Oct 31st 95800353 x9
Atkins Advantage, Endulge, or day break bar 5pk 53701655 Exp Dec 31st
Bahlsen, $0.50 wub (1) Bahlsen Cookies excluding “HIT”, 4250626, NED (HV)
Bio Best Yogourt 750g $1 Exp Dec 31st 11911744
Clover leaf Gourmet flavored white tuna $1 wub1 142g Exp Dec 31st x15
Clover Leaf, $1 wub (2) Clover Leaf Crabmeat, Clams, Shrimp, Oysters and Mussels, 25409475, Jun 30,2015 x8
Coffee Mate Liquid $1 Exp Dec 31st 10038693 x8
Dare Boulangerie Grissol Baguettes Artisanal $1 wub2 Exp Dec 31st 2015 11625399 (HV)
Dainty, $1 any bag of 1.2kg or 2kg Dainty Rice, 2040149, Dec 31,2014 x3
Dempsters Hotdog and Hambuger buns .50 Exp Sept 30th 12523708 x100
DELISSIO Vintage Pizzeria any $1 Exp Dec 31st 10038811
Filippo Berio, $2 Filippo Berio Olive Oil, 10907362, Dec 31,2014
French's Classic Yellow Mustard $1 550ml or 830ml Exp Sept 30th 71300823
French's Classic Yellow Mustard $1 550ml or 830ml Exp Dec 31st 71900807 (HV)
Hawaiian Punch .50 6x296ml pack Exp Dec 31st 22224499
Hawaiian Punch $1 6x296ml or 1.89L Exp Dec 31st 22224617 x30 (HV)
Hormel Real Bacon $1 Exp Dec 31st 85019493
Iogo Zip $1.50 wub2 Exp Feb 28th 29214075 x10
Janes Fish product any $1 Exp Dec 31st 57730869 x2
Janes Boneless Bites $1 Exp Dec 31st 57730570 x2
Kellogg's Cereal $1.50 wub2 Frosted Flakes 445g, Fruit Loops 345g, Corn Pops 320g or Krave 312-323g cereals. Exp Dec 31st 71199203 x13
Kelloggs Rice Krispies Multi Grain Shapes cereal $1 71199418 x8
Kelloggs Cereal $1 wub white milk Exp Sept 30th 71199229 x2
Kikkoman (Any) $1 Exp Dec 31st 2014 1792423
Kraft Parmesan Grated Cheese 250g $1 Exp March 30th 2015 x6
Leclerc Choco Max .75 Exp Dec 31st 1980903 x8
Linsey Foods $1 any (peelie) NED x2
Maple Leaf Natural Selections Protinis $2 Exp Dec 31st 00608291
McCain Thin Crust Pizza $1 465g- 515g Exp Oct 31st 04620743 x10 (HV)
Motts fruitsations icebars 16x53ml .50 Exp Dec 31st 28801841
Mr Freeze Electroice Sport 27x150ml 1.50 Dec 31st 28801867
Nestea or Nesfruta liquid $1 Exp Dec 31st 1003680 x8
Olympic, $1 Olympic Organic 650g, 500mL, 250g or 1.75kg, 83702600, Dec 31,2014
Olympic, $1 Olympic Krema 500g or 8x100g, 83702583, Dec 31,2014
Olympic, $1 any Olympic product excluding 175g, 83702596, Dec 31,2014
Olympic, $0.75 any Olympic product excluding 175g, 83702570, Dec 31,2014
Patak's product (No Nann bread) $1 Exp Dec 31st 49905289 x2
Potato Jazz $1 Exp Dec 31st 2014 18500497
Pure Leaf Tea 1.75L (Lemon or Raspberry) Save $1 Exp Dec 31st 21403297 x11
Quaker/Frito Lay Buy 4 participating products get one FREE. Exp Oct 4th 15106559 x6
Renees Classic ranch salad dressing $1.50 Exp Dec 31st 59014182 x9
Reser's, $0.55 any Reser's product, 71117979, Dec 31,2014 x3
Ruffles Buffalo Ranch Dip 425g $1 Exp Sept 28th 23315176
Saputo, Milk 2 GO, Heluva Good!, Sunny Delight, Armstrong Cheese, Neilson Shakes. $2 wub3 Exp Oct 31st 5070625 x5
Snapple .50 wub2 473ml cans or bottles 22224486 Exp Dec 31st
Summer Fresh, $1 any 232g Summer Fresh mmmmousse Dessert 4pk, 88101154, Dec 31,2014 x6
Summer Fresh, $1 one 800g-1kg Large Salad Bowl or (2) 300-400g Medium Salad Bowl, 88101183, Dec 31,2014 x3
Summer Fresh, $1 any 500mL Summer Fresh-Fresh Cooking Sauce, 88101141, Dec 31,2014 x6
Summer Fresh, $1 any 283g or 300g Summer Fresh Topped Hummus, 88101138, Dec 31,2014 x5
Taipan, $0.35 Taipan 350mL Sauce, NED
Tetley Specialty Tea .75 20s, 24s, 48s, or 80s Exp Dec 31st 08116996
Tetley Specialty Tea .75 20s, 24s, 48s, or 80s Exp Dec 31st 08116970 x2
Tetley Ceylon or English Breakfast $2 08117045 Exp Oct 31st
Tropicana Lemonade or Trop50 Raspberry Lemonade Exp Dec 31st 74322637 x8
Unilever Ice Cream product $1 any Exp Dec 31st 87410804 x8
Tabasco pepper sauce $1 07505948
Welch's .50 100% Juice, Juice cocktail or Prune Nectar 1.36L OR Welchs Jam or Jelly 500ml Exp Dec 31st 22224431
Welch's Juice Ice Bars 12x53ml .50 Exp Dec 31st 28801854
Ziploc, $1 any Ziplock brand sandwich bag with the purchase of any Dempster's White, 100% Whole Wheat, 100% Whole Grains, or Villaggio sliced bread. Exp Sept 30th 2015 33693806 x30 (Peelies. Not stolen though)


Born Free $1 5oz or 9oz Twin pack Eco Classic bottles SKN 65471 / 65544 Babies/Toys R Us in Canada 853946002009
Enfamil A+ 2 550g Powder Tub $8. Exp Feb 1st 2015 30220498
Presidents Choice or PC Organics infant formula $3 Exp April 1st 2015 x9
G.U.M., $2 wub (2) G.U.M. Crayola products, 34107821, Dec 31,2014 x10
Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers $1.50 Exp March 15th 2015 49117237 (Good in Canada and USA)
Similac product Any $5 18222106, exp. Dec.31 '14 x8
Sudocrem, $1 any Sudocrem Tub, 153-102, Nov 30,2014 x3
Toys R Us $10 wus $50+ on any Planes Vehicles and Playsets. Exp Oct 31st


G.U.M., $0.75 any G.U.M. product, 34107850, Mar 31,2015 x7 (HV)
Advil, $3 Advil Liqui-Gels, 72's/84's, or Advil Extra Strength Liqui-Gels, 50's/60's, 12924224, Dec 31,2014 x3
Advil, Cold & Sinus Nighttime $4 20's/40's, 12924279, Dec 31,2014 x2
Advil, Muscle & Joint, $4 32's/72's, 12924266, Dec 31,2014 x4
Advil, Nighttime $4 10's/20's/40's, 12924253, Dec 31,2014 x4
Advil, Cold & Sinus, $3 40's/50's, or Cold & Sinus Plus, 40's/50's, 12924282, Dec 31,2014 x4
Aveeno Hair Care $2 Any Exp Dec 31st 0433043 x5 (HV)
Biore, $2 any Biore product, 60001113, Dec 31,2014 x8
Biore, $2 any skin Care product Exp Jan 31st 60001195
Biore, $2 any skin Care product Exp Dec 31st 60001224
Bic Soleil Glow 3pk Disposable $2 Exp Dec 31st 35410850 x9
Caltrate, $5 Caltrate with Vitamin D, 60's/75's, or Caltrate Plus, 60's/75's, $5 12928617, Dec 31,2014 x4
Centrum, $3 Centrum Forte 100's/120's or Select 100's/120's, 12928604, Dec 31,2014 x4
Centrum, $4 Centrum for Men 90's/110's or Women 90's/110's, 12928590, Dec 31,2014
Crest toothpaste (Any, no trial/travel) $1 wub1 Exp Sept 7th 0037000200357 x7
Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste $3 75ml/120ml Exp Nov 30th 80006433 (HV)
Glad Kitchen Catchers with Febreze Freshness $1.50 (Excluding indoor 20 & 24 ct) Exp Nov 30th 01226733 x2
Live Clean, $1 any Live Clean Spa Therapy product, 04200459, NED x5 (I also have french ones)
Live Clean, $2.50 wub (2) Live Clean Spa Therapy products, 04200446, NED x5 (I also have french ones)
Live Clean, $1 any Live Clean Fresh Face product, 04200622, NED x7 (I also have french ones)
Live Clean, $2.50 wub (2) Live Clean Fresh Face products, 04200619, NED x7 (I also have french ones)
L'OREAL Paris Hair Expertise $1.50 product (No 50ml) Exp Aug 31st 46967972 x6
Lubriderm any lotion $2 Exp June 30th 2015 04392659 x2 (HV)
Oral-B, Save $20 wub one Oral-B Professional Electric Toothbrush Exp Dec 31st 0069055-200446 x8
Oral-B, Save $3 WUB any one Oral-B Power Toothbrush Refill Exp Dec 31st 0069055-200486 x8
Old Dutch Cleaner 700-800ml $1 Exp March 31st 4050241 x2
REVLON NAIL Enamel $1 Exp Dec 31st 28722885 x4 (HV)
REVLON Beauty Tools $2 wus $3 28722986 x3
REVLON Beauty Tools $2 wus $3 Exp Jan 31st 28723181
REVLON Nail Art $2 Exp Jan 30th 28723035 x6
Robax Heat Wraps $3 Exp Nov 30th 2015 1226259
Saran, $2 off Fresh Meat wub (2) Saran products, 33692803, Feb 28,2015 X4
Scope Rinse $2 wub1 (Any, but no trial/travel) Exp Sept 7th 0037000200356 x8
SC Johnson $1 any Exp Sept 30th 33691291 x12 (Peelie) (HV)
Seventh Generation $1 739ml natural dish liquid Exp Dec 31st 32900647
Lysol No Touch Hand Soap system $5 Exp Dec 31st 2014 06555610 x7
Lysol, any Lysol Hand Soap product $1 Exp Dec 31st 06555607 x8
Vichy LIFTACTIV Advance concertrate $5 Exp Oct 31st 46967477


Cat's Pride, $1 any Cat's Pride Cat Litter, 1090041, NED x2 (HV)
DLM Foods, BOGO any Pup-Peroni, Jerky Treats or Snausages Dog Snacks, 66905631, NED x8 (HV)
Jonny Cat, $1 any Jonny Cat Litter, 1090043, NED
Purina ONE dog food $3.50 7kg or 14kg. Exp January 31st 27676237
Temptations buy 2 get 1 FREE (60-85g) Exp Sept 30th 08310183

PayPal $ (Will trade at gift card rate)

Wish List:
☆Wish List☆
No Printables please.

Sorry my WL is a little more difficult now. We got a Costco membership and are couponing a lot less.

Ontario Science Center coupons.
*Any NED or August 2015 or later expiry coupons. No Pets, Medicine, Baby, Lyndsay foods, or Taipan. (Moving Summer 2015 and trying to save as much as possible) (Max 1 per coupon)
Almond Fresh 1.89L
Aveeno, $2 Aveeno Body Wash, 04391816, Dec 31,2014 (Max 1)
Black Diamond Cheese blocks (November or later exp, I have lots of Sept exp)
Butter (Gay Lea or Lactantia, Max one, Sept or later Exp)
Danino Greek product exp. $1.50 wub1 Dec. 31, 2014
Danone Oikos Greek Yogurt $1 exp. Dec. 31, 2014
Energizer, $5 Energizer Recharge 4AA or 4AAA Batteries, 43813142, May 31,2015 (NOT Store specific)
Frozen Fruit(Max 1)
Flinstone, $1 any Flinstone product, 07657476, Jun 30,2016 (Enough $1.50 tearpad)
Gay Lea Sour Cream (Max 1)
Johnsonville sasauges (Max 1)
Kellogg's, $0.75 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Rice Krispies Vanilla Flavour or Krave 312-975g Cereal, 71197874, Jun 30,2015 (I am NOT looking for $1.50 wub 2 Exp Dec 31st)
Kellogg's, $1 Kellogg's Eggo Waffles, Eggo Mini Waffles or Pancakes 244-310g, 71198978, Dec 31,2014
Knorr, $1 wub (3) Knorr products (Max 2)
Mastro pre-sliced deli meats exp. Dec. 31, 2014
Motts Fruitsations $1 Exp Dec 31st (+veggies ok too)
Hellmann's Mayonnaise (Good on jarred)
Oasis Nutrisource juice (1.36L) $1 Exp Dec 31st 2014
Silk 1.89 L (Good on Almond)
So Good 1.89 L (Good on Almond) (No Sept exp)

Advil, $2 any Advil product, NED (Max 1)
Advil, $2 any Children's Advil product (please see link for products), NED (Max 1)
Armstrong cheese
Astro/Iogo/Danone/Yoplait/Liberte Yogurt (Good on any. Peelies ok!)
Bolthouse, $1 any Bolthouse Farms Beverage, Dec 31,2014 or later
Campbell's Broth ready to use
Campbell's products
Celestial Seasonings Tea NED
Chapmans Ice cream $1+
ConAgra good on any
Chapman's Ice Cream product $1 exp. Dec. 31, 2014
Del Monte product 8x200ml or 5x200ml, any flavor $0.75 exp. July 31, 2015
Dempster's 100% Whole Grains Bread, $2 any Dec 31 14)
Energizer, $1 any Energizer product, 43812862, Jun 30,2015
El Monterey, $1 any El Monterey product Jul 1,2015 (NO earlier expires please.)
French's, $1 French's Flavour Infusers or French's Yellow Classic Mustard, 71900865, Dec 31,2015 (Only looking for this one, I do not need any other French's coupons.)
Fresh or Frozen Fruit
Gay Lea, good on any
General Mills good on any
Hain-Clestial good on any. (FPC worth all)
Hamburger Helper Code for Cineplex admission. RLF
Janes, $1 on any Janes Chicken product, Dec 31,2014 or NED
Johnson & Johnson, $3 wub any (1) product displayed (Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Lubriderm), 04376428, Jun 30,2015
Kellogg's, $2 wub (2) Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Rice Krispies Vanilla Flavour or Krave 312-975g Cereal, 71197861, Jun 30,2015 (I am NOT looking for $1.50 wub 2 Exp Dec 31st)
Kool-Aid Liquid, $0.75 any 48mL 05545605, Dec 31, 2014
Kimberly-Clark, $1 Scott Towels, NED
Kimberly Clark good on any/many
Kellogg's Cereal $1 peelie Oct 2015 (NED or $2 WORTH ALL)
Kelloggs peelie good on any $1 (NED or $2 WORTH ALL)
Maple Leaf good on any.
Maple Leaf Natural Selections Meat $5 wub3 Exp Dec 31st EFN
Marc Angelo NED (Good on any. Must be good on 2pk)
M&M Pouch Top for Cineplex ticket!! RLF
Pillars good on any.
Oasis Juice boxes (Good on 8pk )
Oasis Nutrisource 1.36L product, any flavor OR of Allen's apple juice or cocktails 1.89L $1 exp. July 31, 2015
Oasis 8x200ml or 5x200ml products, any flavor OR upon purchase of Rougemont apple juice 2L products, any flavor $1 exp. July 31, 2015
Oasis Organic, Classic, FruitZoo or Fruits etc, 960ml, .50 any flavor exp. July 31, 2015
Olymel Breaded chicken
Olymel, $2 any Olymel Frozen Poultry product, 2200502, Oct 31,2014
QUAKER $1 Peelies
RealLemon or RealLime product 945ml or 440ml only exp. Dec. 31, 2015
Royal Tiger Towels or Velour $2 or $3
Schneiders (Good on any or many, NOT Naturals)
Stayfree / Carefree Pads or Liners.
Stouffer’s Bistro
SunRype, $2 any SunRype product Jun 30,2015
Tetley tea (Good on herbal) NED
Tim Hortons coffee, donuts, muffins, bagels, gift cards...
Wholly Guacamole


FPC for almost anything!!! (No baby, cats, protein bars, 2L Soda, Chocolate bars...)
Gift Cards (, Walmart, Cineplex, Landmark/Empire, Kobo, Google Play, Shoppers DM, Target, Loblaws, Farmboy...)
A&W rare coupons (No Coffee)
Arctic Gardens, FPC Arctic Gardens product (max value $5)
Black River Angus Steaks $5/fpc
Canada Bread Co, FPC any Canada Bread
CareFresh or Kayate bedding for small animals.
Cascades $5 (Paper products, Not dish washing)
Cavendish NED .30 or Fpc
Chapmans FPC
Club House, $1 any Club House Herb or Spice excludes La Grille/One Step Seasoning NED
Cineplex or Landmark theaters tickets/coupons/codes. (Popcorn/Snacks/Admissions/Points. NO BOGO admission from cereal)
Colgate-Palmolive Good on any
Danone, FPC Danone Oikos Greek Yogurt 4x100g or 500g (max value $5.49), 29409189, Mar 31,2015
Danone, $3 any Danone products, 29409365, Mar 31,2015
Dole canned fruit/pineapple NED
Frizz-Ease, $1 any Frizz-Ease product excluding trial sizes, NED (Enough $3 2014 exp)
General Mills good on any/many
Heinz Dollars RRRRRLF
Hunt's, $0.50 Hunt's Manwich, NED
Johnson & Johnson Call ins
Kelloggs NED Fpc
Kelloggs good on any/many
Kraft Cream Cheese FPC
Kruger good on any/many
Little Cesars pizza
Maple Leaf (Good on any or many)
Maple Leaf Natural Selections Hot Dogs, Bacon, or Sliced Meats Products $5 WUB 3 (00608477, Dec 31 14) RRLF
Marc Angelo, FPC any Marc Angelo product (max value $5)
McDonalds Fpc NED (Must be good in Ontario, New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia) (NO Oatmeal or coffee)
Royale Velour bathroom tissue $3 wub1 any size RRLF (From Go Coupons I think)
Rubbermaid good on any NED
Starbucks Frappuccino Chilled Coffee Drink, FPC 9.5 fl oz bottle, any flavor, Dec 31 2014
Arla, $5 towards any TreStelle, Castello, Apetina or Dofino Cheese, NED
BD Consumer Health Care, $1 any Tensor Brand or Tru-Fit products, NED
Beiersdorf, $5 any Beiersdort product (please see link for products)
Butterball, $10 any Butterball Turkey item Dec 31,2015 or other exp
Cavendish NED
Cheemo, $1 Cheemo Premium Perogies 907g bag or box, NED
Glad, FPC any Glad product (max value $8), NED
Kimberly-Clark, $2 any Kimberly-Clark products listed (please see link for details), 49115983, Feb 15,2015
Kimberly-Clark, $3 any Kimberly-Clark products listed (please see link for details), 49116003, Feb 15,2015
Kruger, $3 any Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Towels, Purex, or White Swan Product, 12017052, Dec 31, 2015
Maple Leaf, $5 Complimentary Coupon on listed Maple Leaf products
Vileda NED

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Trade Rating: 22
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Jul 8, 2014

Trade List:
Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink $5 off 10033933
Enfamil A+, A+2, A+ gentlease $5 x10 30220515
Similac $5 any exp. 12/31/14. 18222106 x20

OxiClean powder or paks $2 exp. 12/31/14 x8
OxiClean laundry $1.50 exp. 12/31/14 65334429 x5

Beneful save $1 wet dog food exp. 12/31/14 27677504 x10

A&H toothpaste .75c exp12/1/14 65334351 x5
A&H spinbrush $1.50 exp12/1/14 65334353 x5
A&H toothtunes $1.50 exp12/1/14 65334355 x5

Jergens 220ml or larger $1 exp. 3/31/15 60001215
Live Clean product 6x$1off no exp. french vers.
Live Clean wub 2 save 6x $2.50 no exp. french vers



Feminine stuff:

Advil Cold Sinus Nighttime $4 exp12/31/14 12924279
Advil Cold Sinus Plus $3 exp12/31/14 12924282
Caltrate D or Plus $5 exp12/31/14 12928617 x2
Centrum for women $4 exp12/31/14 12928590
Centrum Forte / select $3 exp12/31/14 12928604
Emergen-C any save $3 exp12/31/14 12928675

PAPER&glad products:
Royals tiger $1 exp.12/31/14. 68009306
Royals tiger towels $1 exp.12/31/14. 68009133 x8

Delissio vintage pizza $1 exp dec.31,14. 10038811 x 15
Franks Redhot $1 exp 12/31/14 06554529
Frenchs Salad Cravers $1 exp 12/31/14 06554558
MapleLeaf Flakes $1 wub5 exp 12/31/14 53549570
Mrs.Dash $1 any2mix pack exp 12/31/14 60002567
Pure Protein $1 on 2 bars or pack exp. 12/31/14 x 10

Tropicana FarmStand $1 exp. 12/31/14 74322709 x8


Wish List:
Milk coupons
u by Kotex,
Physician's Formula coupon,
vim cleaner, snuggle $1 and up, fleecy
tylenol cold and sinus, advil
Bread dempsters, villagio, country harvest, wonder bread Ditaliano
black diamond cheese,
Monster or rockstar drinks, coke, pepsi, ginger ale,
cheerios cereal, Honey bunch of oats
yogurt danone danino activa no coolision, liberte
Kraft Singles or brick Cheese, Laughing Cow, cheese strings and /or Amooza,
axe deod. bodywash shampoo,
tresemme hairspray
dr.oetker pizza
Classico pasta sauce,
Aylmer tomatoes,
Lean Cuisine.Arctic Garden and Europes best veggies and fruit

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Trade Rating: 102
Positive Ratings: 97%
Last Updated on: Jul 7, 2014

Trade List:

FT: TONS of $1 Unilever Icecream,including BREYERS! EXP: AUG 31ST!

Wish List:
Iogo Zip
Soy Milk
Pampers Cruisers

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