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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Dec 30, 2015

Trade List:
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Trade Rating: 356
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Dec 27, 2015

Trade List:
​Hi Folks! I've been away from couponing for a little bit and am now making my way back into it again! I am looking for a lot of different coupons. If you think there is something that may be of interest to me, please let me know, as I don't know all the coupons that are out there right now.


I prefer to make trades for atleast $15-20 to make it worth the postage. I also have access to printable coupons, so please feel free to ask. Also I do accept printed colour coupons, but I please ask that you tell me in your pm prior. Also with any coupon requests please include the name, quantity you would like and the UPC code. (It helps me help you faster!)

Would like to trade GC's for other GC's or a combinations of FPC's.

High Value/FPC's/GiftCards/Rare

I am willing to trade FPC's for a combination of wishlist coupons.

(1)50.00 GiftCard to The BodyShop
(2)20.00 GiftCard to Coffee Time
(1)16.90 GiftCard to Coffee Time
(1)15.00 GiftCard to Coffee Time
(1)10.00 GiftCard to Coffee Time
(2)FPC Swiss Chalet Chicken Spring Rolls 01/17/16
(2)FPC Swiss Chalet Garden Salad 01/17/16
(2)FPC Swiss Chalet Cup of Soup 01/17/16
(1)FPC Swiss Chalet Garlic Loaf 01/17/16
(2)FPC O.B. tampons 18ct 02/07/16UPC 29009578

(1)1.00 All-Bran cereal 380-670g 12/31/15UPC 71580975
(2)2.00 Belvita 250g AND DanActive product 01/31/16UPC 15044642
(1)1.00 Cream of Wheat any product 06/30/16UPC 60003805
(1)1.00 Kashi cereal 185-465g 01/31/16UPC 71581066
(2)1.00 Kellogg's Special K cereal 310-658g 01/31/16UPC 71581082
(2)2.00 Weetabix 400g OR any size Alpen OR Grainshop cereal 12/31/15UPC 84304328

(1)0.50 Clif Organic trail mix bar 01/31/16UPC 50123093
(1)1.00 Kashi bars 160-210g 01/31/16UPC 71581037
(2)0.50 Oreo Mint/Chocolate Creme cookies 265g 01/24/16UPC 15044600
(1)1.00 Orville Redenbacher Ready to Eat 116-220g & Popcorn Chips 155g 03/31/16UPC 44410155
(1)1.00 Orville Redenbacher 24-Pack Microwavable Popcorn 03/31/16UPC 44410168
(4)1.00 Pepperidge Farm any cookies 03/31/16UPC 00926616
(1)1.00 Pure Protein value pack 12/31/15UPC 99801238
(2)1.00 Pure Protein value pack 01/31/16UPC 99801247
(1)1.00 Reese Snacksters 51g wub2 12/31/15UPC 86531399
(2)1.00 Riceworks 155g or larger 01/01/16UPC 84000529

Dairy & Soy
(4)1.00 Becel Margarine product 1.5lb/680g or greater 01/31/16UPC 87411083
(9)0.50 DanActive drinkable probiotic yogurt 02/29/16UPC 29411681
(2)1.00 Gaylea Real Whipped Cream 06/30/16UPC 02708586
(1)1.00 Kraft Singles, Cheez Whiz, Velveeta product 01/31/16UPC 05548125
(1)1.00 Liberte Méditerranée 2x142g yogurt 01/03/16UPC 1440158
(2)1.00 Liberte Greek Seeds&Fruit yogurt 2x150g any variety 12/31/15UPC 1440121
(1)1.00 Président Spreadable brie or feta 185g 03/31/16UPC 46302582
(2)1.00 Silk 1.89L any 12/31/15UPC 31010711
(2)BOGO Skotidakis Authentic Greek yogurt 500/908g 09/30/16UPC 3610021

(1)1.00 Club House Skillet or Slow Cooker sauce 02/13/16UPC 20905675
(2)1.00 Green Garden product 01/31/16UPC 86753388
(2)1.00 Mrs.Dash product any 12/31/15UPC 60003746
(2)0.75 Newman's Own Pasta Sauce or Salsa 12/31/15UPC 36305807
(9)2.00 Smuckers toppings wub2 12/31/15UPC 51528166
(3)1.00 Sun Butter any variety (2)01/30/16(1)02/07/16UPC 78070266
(2)1.00 Weber Seasoning any one 12/31/15UPC 67901236
(2)0.50 Weber Just Add Juice any 12/31/15UPC 67901223

(2)1.00 Bob Evans refrigerated side dish 12/25/15UPC 96013479
(2)1.00 Cavendish Farms 454g or larger wub2 04/05/16UPC 24504498
(2)2.00 Marie Callender's multi-serve entree 680-879g 12/31/15UPC 44410142
(1)1.00 Minute Rice ready to serve product 01/31/16UPC 10838583
(2)1.00 Uncle Ben's Bistro Express rice sides 240-250g 12/31/15UPC 08312248
(2)3.00 Uncle Ben's Natural Select OR Quick Cook wub2 05/31/16UPC 08322106

Baking Needs/Supplies
(1)1.00 Billy Bee honey/Club House Imitation Caramel Extract/Pure Vanilla/Cake Mate Imitation Chocolate Decors or White Cookie Icing 01/31/16UPC 20905659
(7)1.00 Keebler Ready Crust pie crusts and tarts wub2 06/30/16UPC 84400869
(1)1.00 Pam cooking spray 12/31/15UPC 44409803
(2)1.00 Pam cooking spray 04/01/16UPC 44410272
(2)1.00 Pam Baking 04/01/16UPC 44410285
(9)1.00 Sugar Twin any product 03/31/16UPC 60003818
(2)1.00 Sugar Twin any product 06/30/16UPC 60003762
(1)1.00 Tenderflake any frozen product 01/31/16UPC 19906368

(1)1.00 Buddig tub 250g any 01/31/16UPC 32501908
(1)1.00 Buddig wub5 55g packages 01/31/16UPC 32501894
(1)2.50 Cardinal Ready Fully Cooked Protein (Sobey's) 12/31/15UPC 13601368
(9)1.00 Egg Creations any liquid egg product 12/31/15UPC 42408459
(3)1.00 Hormel Real Bacon bits or pieces any 12/31/15UPC 85019527
(2)1.00 Hormel Real Bacon bits or pieces any 06/30/16UPC 85019575
(2)1.00 Hormel Pepperoni any 06/30/16UPC 85019573
(2)2.00 Maple Leaf Prime fully cooked chicken or turkey strips 150/300/400g 12/31/15UPC 00609409
(7)0.75 Piller's any variety of product (1)01/31/16(1)02/07/16(2)02/12/16(3)02/13/16UPC 49807051
(1)1.00 VitaLife Chicken finger or nuggets 454g NED 31201050

(2)1.50 Van Houtte specialty collection K-Cup pods 02/01/16UPC 1190444

(2)FREE Cup of Chili Con Queso LONESTAR wub ONE entree OR appetizer OR beverage NED
Mary Browns Coupons - various (pm for details)
Coffee Culture Coupons - various (pm for details)
(2)Red Lobster 3.00 off any two lunches 01/08/16
(2)Red Lobster 4.00 off any two dinner 01/08/16
Quiznos Coupons - various (pm for details)
Arby's Coupons - various (pm for details)
KFC Coupons - various (pm for details)
Pizza Hut Coupons - various (pm for details)
Popeyes Coupons - various (pm for details)
Wendys Coupons - various (pm for details)
Mr Sub Coupons - various (pm for details)

Household Cleaning
(9)2.00 Finish Max in 1 OR Quantum Max 01/01/16UPC 06557951
(2)2.00 OxiClean Dishwasher product 03/15/16UPC 65335130
(1)3.00 OxiClean Dishwasher product 02/07/16UPC 65334603
(2)3.00 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner gel wub any Royale Velour bathroom tissue 15=40rolls or larger 12/31/15UPC 68010687
(2)1.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner trigger or aerosol 04/30/16UPC 33695730
(4)1.00 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner trigger or aerosol (2)02/24/16(2)03/08/16UPC 33696049
(1)1.00 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner trigger or aerosol 12/31/15UPC 33695264
(1)1.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning gel 12/31/15UPC 33695277
(3)1.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning gel or Fresh Brush product (2)02/24/16(1)03/02/16UPC 33696065
(2)2.00 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning gel 04/30/16UPC 33695756
(2)2.00 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Fresh Brush product 04/30/16UPC 33695743
(2)1.00 Sunlight Dishwasher Pacs AND Dish Liquid (excl. 10pacs/305mL/442mL) 02/28/16UPC 72615310
(2)1.00 Vim any product (excl. 250mL/special packs) 03/31/16UPC 89289701

(1)1.50 OxiClean Powder product 09/30/16UPC 65334724
(2)1.50 OxiClean Powder product 03/31/16UPC 65335124
(2)2.00 OxiClean Laundry detergent any 02/29/16UPC 65335300
(1)1.50 OxiClean Laundry detergent any 12/31/15UPC 65334570
(2)0.50 Snuggle product any (excl. 20ct) 12/31/15UPC 72615282

(1)3.00 Glade large jar candles any 12/31/15UPC 33695596
(2)3.00 Glade large jar candles any 01/31/16UPC 33695714
(1)B2G1 Glade small jar candle OR wax melt refills 12/31/15UPC 33695600
(2)BOGO Glade small jar candle OR wax melt refills 01/31/16UPC 33695684
(1)BOGO Glade product any 12/31/15UPC 33695613
(2)5.00 Glade wus $15 on any product 01/31/16UPC 33695697
(2)3.00 Glade wus $10 on any product 04/30/16UPC 33694838
(2)2.00 Glade any product 04/30/16UPC 33694841
(2)BOGO Glade Plugins Scented Oil refill OR Automatic Spray refill 01/31/16UPC 33695701

Personal Care
(4)3.00 Depends any product 8ct or higher 02/13/16UPC 49121995
(4)3.00 Poise pads or liners (not valid on 14-26 ct liners or 10ct pads) 02/13/16UPC 49121982
(1)2.00 Tena pads any 01/31/16UPC 28005559
(1)5.00 Tena women underwear 01/31/16UPC 28005591
(2)2.00 Trojan product any 12/31/15UPC 65334538
(2)2.00 Trojan lubricant any 12/31/15UPC 65334536
(9)2.00 U by Kotex tampons any package (excl. travel size) 01/31/16UPC 49121621

(1)0.75 Blistex any Soft&Lush,Ultra-Rich Hydration, Lip Ointment, Ultra Protection, Lip Medex (all formats),Complete Moisture,Lip Vibrance,Deep Renewal,Silk&Shine,DCT or Lip Conditioner 02/29/16UPC 37001735
(2)3.00 CeraVe Therapeutic hand cream 12/31/15UPC 79509057
(1)2.00 CeraVe Moisturizers or Cleansers 12/31/15UPC 79508197
(1)5.00 Gold Bond Ultimate lotion 368/400/411mL 12/31/15UPC 06804190
(2)3.00 Gold Bond Ultimate cream 127/160g 12/31/15UPC 06804187
(9)3.00 Gold Bond Ultimate cream or lotion 127g/160g/368mL/400mL/411mL 06/30/16UPC 06804523
(1)1.50 Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand cream 85mL 03/30/16UPC 06804477
(2)2.00 Nivea In-Shower body lotion 400mL 01/31/16UPC 08919898
(2)5.00 SkinFix lotion any (excl. diaper rash balm) 03/31/16UPC 84100900

Oral Hygiene
(2)0.75 Arm & Hammer adult or Orajel kids toothpaste 02/29/16UPC 65334636
(2)2.00 Arm & Hammer any adult or kids spinbrush or replacement heads 02/29/16UPC 65334634
(1)10.00 Sonicare AirFloss or any rechargeable toothbrush 01/31/16UPC 36710759
(1)15.00 Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush (excl. PowerUp,Xtreme,Essence and 2 Series) 01/31/16UPC 36710733
(1)5.00 Sonicare Brush Head refill or whitening pen 01/31/16UPC 36710762

(2)3.00 AcneFree 12/31/15UPC 79509044
(2)2.00 Dove Men+Care face product (excl. travel size) 12/31/15UPC 89289732
(2)1.00 Live Clean hair and body products 12/31/15UPC 04206561
(2)2.00 Live Clean Fresh Face products 12/31/15UPC 04206532
(2)2.00 Live Clean Spa Therapy products 12/31/15UPC 04206545
(2)2.00 Nivea face cleansing OR make-up removing product (excl. 7 wipes format) 01/31/16UPC 08919872
(4)0.50 Pears bar soap any size (3)01/31/16(1)02/13/16UPC 95200570
(2)B1G1 Simple Moisturizer and get one FREE wipes OR moisturizer 01/31/16UPC 89289767

(1)3.00 Advil Nighttime any size 01/31/16UPC 12926770
(2)8.00 Bausch+Lomb Ocuvite Adult 50+ 12/31/15UPC 74212284
(2)3.00 Bausch+Lomb Ocuvite Adult 50+ 12/31/15UPC 74213737
(1)5.00 Benefibre any product 12/31/15UPC 13098130
(1)5.00 Benefibre any product 12/31/15UPC 86717087
(2)3.00 Benefibre any product 04/30/16UPC 86717162
(9)1.00 Benylin Cough Plus cold relief 01/31/16UPC 04396358
(1)3.00 Breathe Right Lavender or Nightly Sleep nasal strips 01/31/16UPC 83830671
(2)4.00 Centrum product any 04/30/16UPC 12927252
(1)3.00 Claritin product any 12/31/15UPC 60315146
(2)2.00 Cold-FX First Signs 45s or larger 12/31/15UPC 79509031
(1)1.50 Disney or Star Wars gummies product 12/31/15UPC 99801241
(2)1.50 Disney or Star Wars gummies product 01/31/16UPC 99801251
(1)3.00 Ester-C product any 12/31/15UPC 99801243
(2)3.00 Ester-C product any 01/31/16UPC 99801253
(2)2.00 Ex-Lax product any 04/30/16UPC 86717175
(2)2.00 Flintstones product any 12/31/15UPC 07658394
(2)2.00 Gas-X product any 04/30/16UPC 86717188
(2)1.00 hydraSense product any 12/31/15UPC 07658408
(1)2.00 Jamieson Digestive Care supplement any 01/31/16UPC 77308069
(1)3.00 MotriMAX 12 Hour products 12/31/15UPC 04396420
(1)1.50 Nature's Bounty any product 12/31/15UPC 99801236
(2)1.50 Nature's Bounty any product 01/31/16UPC 99801249
(2)2.00 One A Day product 12/31/15UPC 07658381
(2)3.00 RestoraLAX 12/31/15UPC 60319454
(1)3.00 Robax ThermaCare NED UPC 12923755 *FRENCH*
(2)3.00 Robax product any 11/30/16UPC 12927340
(2)2.00 Swiss Natural wus $10 or more 12/31/15UPC 79509060
(2)2.00 TUMS product any 04/30/16UPC 83830772
(9)1.00 Tylenol Complete any product 01/31/16UPC 04396361

(1)3.00 GoodNites 01/31/16UPC 49121302
(4)3.00 Huggies any jumbo or larger 01/14/16UPC 49122031
(2)1.00 Live Clean Baby products 12/31/15UPC 04206574
(8)2.00 Pull-Ups 01/30/16UPC 49120846

Household Items/Paper Products/Misc.
(3)1.00 Fruit of the Loom underwear or Men's casual tees 12/31/15UPC 85400014
(1)3.00 GE soft white light bulbs wus $6 or more 12/31/15UPC 52106112
(2)1.00 Glad Kitchen Catchers OR Compostable product 09/30/16UPC 01227039
(2)1.00 Mr.Sketch scented markers pack 2ct or higher 01/30/16UPC 58904549
(3)1.00 Natrapel any product 37/74mL 12/31/15UPC 044224-012814
(2)0.75 Paper Mate pen pack 2ct or higher 01/30/16UPC 58904565
(1)0.75 Renova napkin pack any 01/31/16UPC 17270291
(1)2.00 Royale Tiger Towel 12 roll or larger OR wub2 6 roll 12/31/15UPC 68010645
(2)0.75 Sharpie permanent marker pack 3ct or higher 01/30/16UPC 58904523
(1)2.00 Ziploc brand containers wub2 12/31/15UPC 33695150
(2)1.00 Ziploc brand containers product 02/28/16UPC 33695769
(2)1.00 Ziploc brand containers product 12/31/15UPC 33695163
(2)1.00 Ziploc Space Bag 12/31/15UPC 33695176

Pet Food
(1)1.00 Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal litter 6.4kg 04/30/16UPC 65334726
(1)2.00 Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal litter 9.1/12.7/17.2kg 04/30/16UPC 65335120
(2)2.00 Cesar Softies or Double Delights 12/31/15UPC 08321435
(2)B2G2 Iams Purrfect Delights OR Purrfect Delicacies wet food 85-156g any variety 12/31/15UPC 08321376
(2)3.00 Iams dry cat food 1.3-10.7kg any variety 12/31/15UPC 08321363
(2)4.00 Iams dry dog food 4.2-17.5kg any variety 12/31/15UPC 08321389
(9)B2G1 Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy dog treats 113g (max. value $3.00) 01/31/16UPC 66906038
(2)BOGO Misfits dog treats buy any 150-608g and get FREE (1) 150-170g treat 12/31/15UPC 08321480
(2)BOGO Pedigree Care & Treats (specified) 12/31/15
(2)2.00 Purina Cat Chow 1.42kg or larger any variety 03/31/16UPC 27680041
(1)2.00 Purina Dog Chow dry dog food any size, any variety 12/31/15UPC 27678334
(2)3.00 Purina ONE SmartBlend adult premium dog food any size, any variety 12/31/15UPC 27679988
(1)1.00 Saular Scoopable cat litter NED 1090042
(2)B5G5 Whiskas wet portions and GET 5 FREE perfect portions singles 01/31/16UPC 08321770
(2)B1G1 Whiskas dry 1.4-9.1kg and GET FREE 1.4-2kg 12/17/15UPC 08321406

Wish List:
****CHOOSE $55 In Reg Coupons FOR $5 GC*****

~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Little Old Wishlist~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My WL is ever changing so I like to look at tradelists to see if there's any new or interesting to me. I do accept colour printed coupons, but please mention this prior. Thx.

I get multiples of every insert, please keep that in mind. Thx.

**LOOKING FOR 2016 or later coupons please**

Any/Most Food FPC's
Ah Carmel Snacks
Allen's Juice/Rougemont 2016
Armstrong Cheese bars $1/0.75
Artic Gardens FPC/$5
Astro Yogurt $1 valid on 650g
Attitude spinach/baby spinach/greens
Aunt Jemina Syrup
Banana FPC
Barilla pasta
BearPaws Cookies
Beatrice FPC
Becel FPC - must be valid in ON
Bertolli Olive oil $2
Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes
Betty Crocker Snacks
Bicks valid on pickles/relishes
Bisquick (NOT shaker)
Black Diamond (blocks)
Blue Buffalo ($5)
Bravo Spaghetti Sauce
Brown Sugar - (NOT Splenda thx)
Bush Beans $1
Butterball Whole Turkey
Bread FPC
Bread($3 Ziploc)
Cadbury Easter Eggs/Minis
Cadbury snack cakes
Campbells Chunky Soup $1/$2
Campbells ($1/Valid on Goldfish, Bistro, Pace)
Canada Bread Co. FPC
Canada Dry 1.50
Cashmere ($1/2/3 valid on double roll)
Catelli/Smart ($1/FPC)
Chapmans ($4/2016)
Chef Boyardee (any value)
Cheerios (must be valid on Honey Nut)
Cheemo Perogies NED
Cheese 0.75 any block
Chicken (Fresh) $4
Christie products
Cineplex/Empire Tickets
Cinnamon Pops
Classico product $1
Club House $2 off meat wub Skiller/Slower Cooker sauce
Colgate-Palmolive ($5/FPC) (ie 80003924)
Colgate toothpaste ($1/Up) no size restrictions
Coke FPC
Coke/Diet Coke/Mug/ ($1wub2/higher)
ConAgra FPC's
Cracker Barrel (any value/blocks)
Cream of Wheat (2016) *enough
Crest FPC
Crystal Light (not bogo mocktails)
Dairy Milk FPC
Dairy Queen (Peanut Buster)
Danino Yogurt $5wub3
Dare ($1 any product/FPC)
Degree Men
Degree Women
Del Monte Canned Veg ($1/0.75/no salt added ok)
Del Monte Canned Fruit Snacks
Delissio Pizzas
Dempsters FPC (Bagel/Bread)
Dempsters Wholegrains (not wub)
Dempsters Garden Vegetable
Dempsters Bagels
Dempster Tortilla
Diana 0.50/$1 sauce or marinade
Diet Coke
Dofino - good on havarti
Dole Salad Kits (must be valid on any)
Dole Fruit Bowls, Parfait, or Gel.
Dove Chocolate FPC
Dove FPC
Dr.Oetker Panebello/Casa Di Mama
Dr.Oetker Mug Cake FPC/Bogo/$1/0.50
Driscoll’s, ($1/higher)
Duncan Hines
E.D. Smith Jams
Eggs ($1 wub 1/$2 wub2)
Egg Creation FPC
Egg Whites (Naturegg)
Eggos (valid on 8ct any) No minis
English Muffin (Old Mill/Dempsters/Wonder)
Filippo Berio $4 olive oil
French's Mustard ($1 valid on any)
Fresh produce
Fresh chicken
Friskies FPC or $$$ off Wet can food
Fruit - any just pm me!
Gaylea Spreadables (FPC/$2)
General Mills (0.50/$1 any)
Glad Cling Wrap *valid on 30m
Glad Garbage Bags Outdoor
Goldfishes (Not Graham/Pretzel/Rainbow)
Goldseal tuna
Green Giant Frozen Veggies (any value)
Haagen Dazs RLF (not WUB)
Hamburger Helper $3 Beef Wub
Heinz $1 (not baby)
Heinz Ketchup
Hidden Valley $2
Hunts snack pack (FPC)
Hunt snack pack ($1/higher)
HP Sauce (any value)
Iams Cat Wet Food (cans) 2016
Iams Cat Dry Food ($2 or higher) 2016
Irish Spring (Must include Bar soaps)
Jamieson Vitamins
Janes ($2 or higher)
Jello ($1 wub 2 pudding, gel or mousse snacks)
J&J ($2 Bandaid)
Johnson & Johnson Mailouts
Johnsonville Sausages
Kellogg's Cereal ($2-2.50)
Kellogg's Rice Krispies ($2/higher)*no Jumbos
Kellogg's FPC
Kellogg's GAS Card
Kellogg's PINS (FPC Cereal/Breakfast FPC)
Kellogg's Fibre Plus ($2)
Kikkoman $1
Kimberly-Clark Mail Outs
Knorr Sidekicks
Kozy Shack
Kraft $1.50 wub2 Peak freans, Oreo, Philadelphia cream cheese, Miracle Whip, Kraft salad dressings, etc
Kraft $5 wub5
Kraft Peanut Butter
Kraft Philly Dips (any/any value)
Lactantia Butter $1 OR 0.75
Lee&Perrin’s Worchestershire Sauce (any value)
Listerine (valid on Zero)
Maple Leaf Bacon (not Ready Crisp pls/valid on 500g)
Maple Leaf Naturals Deli Meats RLF
Maple Leaf Foods,Prime,Dempsters or Ben's product $1.50 wub2
Maple Leaf Prime Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ($2/$5)
Marc Angelo ($1 or higher off ANY/Kabobs)
Marc Angelo FPC (up to $5 value)
McCain Pizza/Pockets FPC
McCain Pizza Pocket $1 (Valid on 4's)
McCain Deep and Delicious
McCain Superfries (FPC/$$$)
Method soap
Minute Rice (regular) $1
Miracle Whip
Mr.Big FPC
Natural Selection (valid on turkey or black forest ham)
Natrel/Sealtest/Québon $$/$5 Call In RRLF
Natrel Milk ($2/1 Valid on 4L)RLF(not lactose free pls)
Neilson/Gaylea/Sealtest Sour Cream (Not Gold)
Nescafe (not latte or cappucino)
Nestle Noir ($1 - 100g)
Nestle After Eights 300g
Nestle $5 Frozen Meals
Nestle FPC Stouffers
Nestle Ice Cream Product FPC
Nestle $2 Drumstick
Nutella FPC/$$
Nutri Grain Superfruit ($1/$2/FPC)
Oasis Refrigerated Juice FPC
Oasis from Allen's boxes or 1.75L $1.25
Oh Henry FPC
Old Dutch Chips
Old Dutch M&M's wub
Old El Paso FPC
Old El Paso $4 Chicken wub
Old El Paso Smart Fiesta Kit
Old Mill Bagels
Olivieri Pasta/sauces
Olymel $2 (valid on chunkies) $5/$10 Gift Certificate
Oreos/ChipsAhoy (not Extras)
OxiClean FPC
Panebello $2
Pataks $1 valid on Tikka Masala
Peak Freans Lifestyle
Philadelphia Cream Cheese/Dips
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (any value)
Playtex tampons ($2 or higher)
Prime Ground Turkey/Chicken FPC/$2
Premium Plus Crackers (must be valid on whole grain)
Pogos 44404475/or valid on 8pk (beef)
Polysporin Eczema $$$ (2016)
POM juice $1
President Choice cookies FPC
Pringles (Superstacks)
Puritan Stews
Quaker Oats Oatmeal FPC (Instant Only)
Quaker Granola/Chewy Bars FPC
Renee's Dressing
Rougemont Juice 2016
Royale Products valid on any ($2/$3/$5 or higher/Velour 12 roll ok)
Ruffles B1G1
Sabra FPC
Sara Lee
Schneiders Bacon/ Country Naturals Deli Meat
Schneiders $5 Call-In
Sensodyne/Iso-Active /Pronamel
Shoppers Drugmart Gift Card ($5=$55 Handpicked)
Skippy Peanut Butter Reg and Naturals
SmartFood PopCorn FPC/$$$
Smuckers jams
Source Yogurt FPC
Special K Crisp
Stagg Chili
Stamps (unused,P stamps/$1) each stamp = $4.00 worth of coupons
Stayfree ($5 WUB 2)
Stouffer PINs $2.50 off of trade list per pin
Stouffer products
Sunmaid Raisins (not bread)
SummerFresh $1/$$$ Valid on Dips/Hummus
Sweet Baby Rays FPC/$2
Tampax FPC/$3
Tide FPC/$3
Tim Horton's Gift Card ($5=$55 Handpicked)
Tostitos/Ruffles/Lays FPC
Tostitos Artisan
TRESemme $1.50/$2.00
Tre Stelle $5 or any amount
Trop FPC
Twinnings Tea
VH Sauce 2016
VH Steamer BOGO/$2
Villaggio Crustini Buns
Walmart Gift Card ($5=$55 Handpicked)
Wonderful Pistachios
Wonderful POM $1 OR higher
Zest Body wash ($2 or higher)
Ziploc baggies ($2 wub2)

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Dec 27, 2015

Trade List:
clothes, bags, makeup, drinks

Wish List:
food and eat coupons, makeup coupons, fashion coupons

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Trade Rating: 0
Last Updated on: Dec 22, 2015

Trade List:
-a skip the dishes coupon for $7/off!

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Trade Rating: 1
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Dec 8, 2015

Trade List:
$20 off any purchase of $50 or more at Sephora good until December 14th.

Email me at [email protected] if you wanna trade

Wish List:
Any toilet paper coupons (Royale, Cashmere etc)

Johnson & Johnson coupons.

Gift cards

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Trade Rating: 81
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Dec 5, 2015

Trade List:
FPC for Delissio pizza vintage pizzeria product any variety -maximum of $7.49 #10039667
FPC for OPA Greek yogourt dressing exp Dec31, 15
5.00 off gold bond ulimate lotion Dec 31,2015
3.00 off gold bond ulimate lotion Dec 31,2015
1.00 off olympic krema or olympic krema organic exp. Dec 31,15 x5
1.00 off olympic organic 650g or 8 x100g0r 250g or 500ml exp. Dec 31,15
1.00 off when you purchase any 2 new cooked rice products Dainty roasted garlic & Dainty long & wild .. , dec 31, 2015 # 2040176 x5
$1 off Dainty time wise whole grain brown rice 1.2 kg or Dainty Time wise parboiled Rice,2kg 2040174, Dec 31,2015 x4
1.00 off on any 2 packages Carr's crackers 125-200g exp dec31, 2015 #84400832
.75 off any 80ct regular or 80ct decaf Typhoo tea no expiry date
$ 5.00 off gold bond ultimate lotion 368 ml,400ml or 411 ml exp Dec31, 2015 #06803953
$ 3.00 off gold bond ulimate cream 368 ml,400ml or 411 ml exp Dec31, 2015 #06803940
.75 off on any purchase of Eggo thick & fluffy Belgian waffles 330 g x4 exp dec31,15 # 71580119

Wish List:
RRLF Playtex tampons
RRLF IOGO yogourt 650g
FPC juice, food items
LF almond milk ( silk or other )
$ .50 off Oasis (960mL, 8 x 200mL, 5 x 200mL) *2250985.
Glutino FPC, BOGO,or $1 off
RLF any saputo,,dofino cheese ( no blue cheese)
LF Mott"s fruit / vegetable snack .50 off or more
LF Artic gardens frozen veg. $1.00 off
LF Nestle sparkling water or bottled water
LF Perrier or any other mineral water
LF Dole salad
LF any milk
LF Unstopables
LF marcelle, revlon,rimmel coupons good for mascara or other make-upproducts
LF Dofino havarti cheese, armstong cheese
LF Fiber 1 granola bars any bars except all bran
LF Mrs Dash ok for now
LF Tropicana juice
$1 Dr. Oetker pizza
LF pins for stouffers
Kraft Salad Dressing, not refrigerated (printed ok)

Printables: Yes
French: Yes
Stacking: Doesn’t matter as I can’t in Quebec
Store specific: N

TreStelle Ricotta
Milk any kind
Philadelphia cream cheese
Yogourt any kind especially liberte. IOGO no danactive
Cheese slices or brick or armstrong brand, or any kind
Nestle ice cream or Chapman ice cream or
Parlour ,Bryers ice cream

Mazola oil o.k.for now
Olive oil
Hellman's mayo


Glutino products gluten free
Old El Paso dinner kits
Campbell soup
Heinz ketchup
Mrs Dash
Miracle whip
Ristorante pizza or panebello or other
$2 off Delissio Thin crust or Rising crust
$1 off Mccain pizza
$$ off Parlour/Breyers ice cream
Wing wong products (ok for now)
Coffee Nabob or other(no instant or Melitta )
Lean cuisine or other


Soft drinks any kind (Includes diet)
Tropicana juice
Oasis juice
Minute Maid frozen juice or other

Iams dry dog food $ 5.00 off

Rimmel mascara or other brands good on mascara


Mr Clean or other( o.k. for now)
Windex o.k. for now
Toilet paper

Tim Horton's GC
HBC points

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Trade Rating: 329
Positive Ratings: 99%
Last Updated on: Dec 3, 2015

Trade List:
I have lots so just ask :)

Wish List:
Printables- YES (in color)
Store Specific-NO
French - No (well, it depends)
I'm also looking for U.S coupons, please let me know what you have!

FPC Reesers (up to $9- I will love you forever!)
$8/$4 Reesers (US Coupons 2014)
FPC VH Sauce
FPC VH Steamers
FPC High Liner Product (Aug. 31, 2013)
FPC Renee's Gourmet Dressing, Sauce, or Dip (NED)
FPC Glad (NED)
FPC 2L Fanta or Sprite (my favorite coupon ATM)
FPC Mars (from the mitten thing)
FPC Milk
FPC Werthers
FPC Maple Leaf Bacon
FPC Butterball Turkey Bacon
$7 SC Johnson
FPC Sidekicks
$5 Dole
$6 Glade
$4 Quaker
FPC Breakfast Item (from Folgers)
FPC Michealina's
FPC Lean Cuisine
FPC Olivieri Pasta or Sauce
$5 Chapmans
$1/$2/$3 Campbells Vouchers (sent from company)
$5 Oasis
$5 Marc Angelo
$5 Olymel
$5/$10 Schneiders
$5 Colgate/Palmolive
$5 Novartis product (NED)
$5 Maple Leaf
FPC Kelloggs
FPC Brown Sugar Pop Tarts
FPC Special K Flatbread
$1 Classico (good on alfredo)
Any FPC from Superbowl Promo (except Brisk)
Any FPC from Kraft Samplicious (except habanero heat)
Most Food or Drink FPC (PM me first-no pet/baby/protein bars)

Any J&J Call In (Except Baby)
$5 Children's Advil
$2 Quaker Quaker Harvest Crunch, Fibre & Omega-3, Yogurt or Oatmeal to Go Granola Bars (from oatmeal box)
$3 Ground Beef WUB HH
$1 Colgate/Palmolive
$1 Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea (NED)
$1 Unico (good on a variety of products, NED)
BOGO Grill Ems
$2 GayLea Mail-Outs
$3 Flinstone Vitamins
$2wub2 Dozen Eggs
$2/$3 Children's Tylenol (Printable Dec. 31, 2013)
.50c Pepsi Product 2L (July 31, 2013 NOT Pepsi Max)
$2 Royale (good on ANY Royale product, from Holiday promo)
$3 Tide HE Detergent (Any size Dec. 31, 2013)
Tim Hortons Roll Up Wins (Coffee, Donuts)
Downy Unstoppables Samples

$1 Always Radiant Pads (max. 2 per trade)
$2 Always Radiant Pads good on 1 (Sept. 30, 2013)
$2 Always Infinity (Dec. 31, 2013)
$2 Arctic Gardens (Dec. 31, 2013)
$1 Arm and Hammer Laundry Soap (April 30, 2013)
$1wub2 Aylmer Accents (Dec. 31, 2013 ONLY)
$1 Becel (Aug. 31, 2013 ONLY, max. 2 per trade)
.50c Bick's (good on ANY, Dec. 31, 2013)
$0.75 Black Diamond (Good on blocks, slices Dec. 31, 2013)
.50c Cadbury Candy (mini eggs, etc. June 30, 2013)
$1 Cashmere Double Roll 8 pack or larger (Dec. 31, 2013)
$1 Catelli Smart (April and later expiry)
$1 Cheemo Perogies
$5WUB3 Danone (Dec. 31, 2013)
.50c Dare (sent from company)
$1 Dare (NED)
$1 Dare/Grissol (All You Need Is Cheese Magazine)
$1WUB2 Dawn (June, 2014)
$1 Dempsters bread
$1 Dempsters Bagels (Dec. 31, 2013) RRRRRRRRRRRRLF!!!!
$3 Dove Color Care (FB Printable)
$2 Dr.Oetker Pizza (WUB1)
$1 Dr.Oetker Ristorante, Casa Di Mama or Panebello Pizza (June 30, 2013)
$1 Dr. Oetker Casa Di Mama Pizza (Dec. 31, 2014)
.35c Duncan Hines (Company Mail out)
$1 El Monterey
$3 Finish Quantum (2013 exp.)
.50c French's Mustard (Dec. 31, 2013)
$1 Fresh Express Salad Kits (Dec. 31, 2013)
$2 Fresh Fruit WUB Snack Pack Pudding (May 31, 2013)
$1 General Mills Cereal
$1 Glad (good on cling wrap, baggies 2014)
$2 Glad Garbage Bags
.50c Goldfish Crackers (good on colors)
.50c Gold Seal Tuna (good on any, sent from company NOT no drain)
$1 on any Hain-Celestial product (June 30, 2013)
.50c Hawaiian Punch (Dec. 31, 2013)
$2 Healthy Choice Steamers (May 31, 2013)
$1 Hot Rods (No size restriction)
$0.50 Hunt's Manwich (NED)
$1 Iogo (from go coupons, not coupon zone please)
$1.50 Jamieson (good on ANY or Melatonin June 30, 2013)
$2 Janes
$1 Johnsonville Sausage
$2 Johnsonville Fresh Dinner Link sausages (Dec. 31, 2014)
$1 Kelloggs Peelie (June 30, 2013)
$1 Kikkoman product (Dec. 31, 2013)
1$ Kraft Parmesan Grated Cheese 250g (June 30 2013)
$0.75 Lactancia Cream/Half n Half (Sept 31 exp. only)
$1 Lactancia Milk 4L (June 30, 2013 or later)
$1 Little Potato Company Jazz (Dec. 31, 2014)
$1 Mann's Fresh Cut Veggies (Dec. 31, 2013)
$2 Maple Leaf Bacon Portions (April 30, 2013)
$1 Marc Angelo (NED)
$1 Marc Angelo Kabobs (NED)
$2 McCain Deep 'N Delicious (June 30, 2013 peelie)
.50c Michaelina's (tear pad or mail out)
.75c Milk To Go (May 13, 2013) RRRLF Multiples!!
$1 Nesquick
$1 Nordica Cottage Cheese (Dec. 31, 2013)
$1 Old El Paso Salsa
$1 Olivieri fresh pasta or sauce (Dec. 31, 2013 NOT BOGO cooking sauce)
$2 off any Olymel frozen poultry (June 30, 2013 or later)
$1 Pepperidge Farm Cracker Chips (April 31, 2013)
$1 Primo (NED)
$2 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (June 30, 2013)
$1 Schneider's Grill'Ems (June 30, 2013)
$1 SunRype Juice Boxes (Aug. 1, 2013)
$1 Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea (NED)
$1 Tropicana (June 30, 2013 from demo rep)
$1 Vick's NyQuil or DayQuil (June 30, 2015)
$1 Vick's Vapo Rub (June 30, 2015)
$1.50 Wheat Thins Crackers (June 30, 2013)
.75c Wonder Bread (May 31)
$1 Wong Wing
$3 wub2 Wong Wing

Send a Private Message to sheetsofemptycanvas
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Trade Rating: 2
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Dec 3, 2015

Trade List:
$25 Best Buy/Future Shop GC
$40 codes

Wish List:
Mostly looking for the Uncle Ben's $4 chicken coupons!


GC's to Loblaws/Walmart

Send a Private Message to d.ot
d.ot's Profile


Trade Rating: 157
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Nov 30, 2015

Trade List:

Update JAN 7 2016

I am friendly and a easy trader to trade with. I love couponing and making trades. If you have a question or a coupon offer please don't hesitate on sending me a message. I try to workout trades with everyone.

Please Keep in mind I DO NOT
give SDM points, stamps or gift cards for any coupons

Feel free to ask I may accept the trade

*I prefer to make $10 or more worth in trades to make it worth postage*

*Easy Search* Push Ctrl and hold down F on your computer. A box will appear on the top right corner this will make it easier for you to find coupons by searching the name or upc

User must have 100% Feedback score unless you send your trade first

(Please note my high value are to be traded for similar value coupons)



x1 Save $15 Enfamil A+ 2 any format Sept 30 2016 (30221101)

x31 save $5 on any Almay Face product Dec 31 2015 (28724230)

x4 $5 Similac Cheque any Similac product June 30 2016

x1 save $3 when you purchase any size Advil Nighttime Jan 31 2017 (12926770)

x8 Buy 2 save $2.50 on any Live Clean products 04200114 NED ENGLISH

x6 save $0.50 on McCain Superfries NO EXPIRY (04610814) rare (Heavy max 1 per trade unless envelope is too full I would request an New P stamp)


x6 save $1 on your purchase of Rice Krispies Multi grain shapes cereal April 30 2016 (71580063)

x16 save 50cents when you buy any 1 of the below products: Robin Hood Flour 1.8-2.5kg,
Robin Hood Oats 1kg,
Crisco One Cup Stick 189g,
Robin Hood Quick Bread Mix,
Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk,
Carnation Evaporated Milk,
Sugar In The Raw natural Tribunal sugar,
Stevia In The Raw bakers bag or
Crisco Oil 1.42L product
Aug 31 2016 (09244913)



x1 $1 any two Cavendish Farms products (454g or larger), 24504502, June 1, 2016


x16 save 50cents 0.50cents on any Smucker's fruit spreads product Aug 31 2016 (51528195)



x8 Save $0.50 on any flavour of Oasis 5x200ml March 31, 2016 (2251055)

x8 Save $0.50 on any flavour of Del Monte 5x200ml March 31, 2016 (2251056)

x16 save $1 on any Folgers Gourmet Selections 12, 18, or 30coung K-cup Pods or any (750-920g) Folders ground coffee Aug 31 2016 (30404423)



x1 Buy One Get One Free on the purchase of one (1) 500g or 908g format of Skotidakis yogurt, 3610021, Sept 30, 2016





x1 save $7 on your next purchase of Similac Partially Broken Down Protein 658g container May 31 2016 (1822832)

x1 save $5 on the purchase of Similac Advanced omega 3& omega 6, 8x59ml Aug 31 2016 (18223167)

x1 Save $4 on your next purchase of Enfamil D-Vi-Sol, Enfamil Tri-Vi-Sol, or Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol June 30 2016 (30220850)


x16 save $1 off any 1 bag of Purina DentaLife Chews Dog Snacks, Dental Dog snacks any size Feb.29, 2016 (27680038)



x2 save $1 on any Jergens Moisturizer 100ml or larger Dec 31 2015 (60001222)

x20 $3 off Spectro Cleansers 500ml or Spectro Acnecare wash 170g April 30 2016 (8380668)


x300 Save $2 on any Cetaphil Cleanser excludes (excludes trial sizes 60ml and Cetaphil Restoraderm and Dermacontrol Dec 31 2016 (38304994)

x300 save $2 on any Cetaphil Moisturizer (excludes trial sizes 60ml and Cetaphil Restoraderm and Dermacontrol Dec 31 2016 (38305014)


x1 save $5 when you purchase any 200ctrl John Frieda Luxurious Volume products June 30 2016 (60001277)





x50 save $2 on Webber Naturals Omega 3 Supplements March 31 2016 (43404490)


x7 save $3 on Advil Cold & Sinus or Liquid fast cold & sinus liquid Gels (any advil Cold & sinus products excludes 10 ct) Jan 31 2017 (12926712) hv

x28 save $2 on the purchase of any Robitusin product Jan 31 2017 (12926741)






x2 coupon code for a FREE 6x6 softcover photo book only 20 pages are included with this offer. March 31 2016

x1 receive 1500 shoppers Optimum bonus points when you spend $15 or more on baby products April 30 2016

x2 receive 3000 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of any huggies little Snugglers Diapers. Includes Newborn size 1 and size 2 diapers.
April 30 2016

x2 Receive 3000 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of any Pampers swaddlers April 30 2016

x2 Receive 1500 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the you purchase of any Huggies Baby Wipe Tub or Hill April 30 2016

x2 Receive 1500 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of any Pampers Wipes April 30 2016

x2 Receive 2500 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of any participating Mustela product April 30 2016

x2Receive 1000 shoppers Optimum bonus points when you purchase any Participating Johnsons baby products April 30 2016

x2 Receive 1000 shoppers Optimum bonus points when you purchase any Participating Aveeno baby product April 30 2016

x2 Receive 5x the shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of Cicaplast Baume B5 April 30 2016

x2 Receive 5x the shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of Angelis Dermo-Kids lotion SPF50 April 30 2016

x2 Receive 5x the shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of Lipikar Baume AP+ April 30 2016

x2 Receive 2500 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of Presidents Choice Organics Infant formula April 30 2016

x2 Receive 1000 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of any 2 Presidents Choice Organics Infant cereal products April 30 2016

x2 Receive 500 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of Kids 0-9 Cough & Cold Syrup April 30 2016

x2 Receive 500 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of kids 0-9 cough & Cold Nighttime Syrup April 30 2016

x2 Receive 1000 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of any Infant's Tylenol product April 30 2016

x2 Receive 2500 shoppers Optimum bonus points with the purchase of Life Brand Spectrum Prenatal Postpartum Multivitamin April 30 2016

Wish List:


This is my wishlist currently

*****$3 Arm and hammer clump and Seal Peelie *found on the box* Dec 2016 (looking for lots) It's New*****

Save 75 cents on any Blistex product EXPIRY? NEW FROM REDPLUM

$3.00 St. Ives wub2 different St. Ives product lines(facial product, hand & body lotion, body wash) #65334620 Jun 30, 2016 HANGTAG ON BOTTLES

$3 Cottonelle peelie

$5 Cetaphil 2016 Must be good on ANY product exclude 60ml

$1stagg chili Ned
$4 Chicken
$2 Chicken
$1 baking soda
$1 Dairyland Milk 4L not organic
Fpc milk or Juice
50cents 960ml/$1 Oasis 960ml

Fpc IAMS dry food for cats
$5 Arctic Gardens
$5 Gas Cards from Kellogg
$5 Walmart gift cards

$5 walmart gift cards
$5 prepaid visa from Kelloggss

Kelloggs fpc coupon $15 not pin code actual coupon


RRRLF $4 Off one pack of Chicken (freshm frozen, pre-cooked or rotisserie), any size, any weight (one per customer per purchase) exp. Dec. 31, 2015 08311232***

Rrrlf $1+ McCain Thin Crust Parisian pizza
Fpc Milk 1L

Diaryland 4L milk or 1L cream $1.00 . RRLF

RRRLF $1 off Stagg Chili can or microwaveable NED

$1 any Baking Soda Dec 31 2015 lots pleaseeeee

$1.00 Kraft 100% Parmesan Grated Cheese 250g #05547500 Feb 28, 2016 (a few)

$2 Dempsters 100% whole Grain Bread

$1 any Michelinas

$1 hungry mans

$1 any swiss cheese brick

$1 on any crack barrel cheese

$5 turkey burgers


RrLf Fpc orange Juice

Fpc Tropicana

fpc pepsi case

$1 on oasis juice 960ml or 1.75L 2015

$5 Allens, oasis, etc no expiry
Fpc milk

FPC Iams cat food
$5 maxx scoop/$3 maxx scoop 2015
$3 on any Tidy Cats cat litter any size any variety
$3 Arm and Hammer clump and seal multiple upcs maybe


$5 off any Cetaphil product (excluding 60ml trial size) Expires December 31st, 2016. 38305245 (not websaver)


$1 any Degree 2015 expiry only multiple upc's

$3/$5 royale velour 2015

$3 any Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Towels, Purex, or White Swan Product, 12017052, Dec 31, 2015

$3 on any Cascade Dec 31 2015 7960288

$3 royale tiger paper towel

$2/$3 StayFree pads 2015

$3 any advil NED


$1 any Colgate-Palmolive product Jun 30 2016

$1 Vileda product, 30003561, NED

$5 any Colgate-Palmolive product Jun 30 2016


$2 on any Gain laundry Detergent product

$1.50 wub 1 Arm & hammer Laundry detergent 2015 enough

Snuggle, $1 any Snuggle product excluding 20ct sheets, 72614144, Aug 31,2016 (found on the boxes of snuggle)

Snuggle, $1 any Snuggle product excluding 20ct sheets, 72615241, Aug 31,2016

$5 off Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries

$1 carmex lip balm

$1 blistex lip balm

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Trade Rating: 2
Positive Ratings: 100%
Last Updated on: Nov 30, 2015

Trade List:
Revlon $5.00 off any Photo Ready Face Product Exp.Dec.31/15

Benefit | The Pore-fessional [Minimize Appearance of Pores]
Biotherm | Blue Therapy Ultra-Blur [Smoothing Line Filler]
Clarins | Double Serum [Age Control Concentrate]
Clarins | Lift Affine Visage [Shaping Facial Lift]
Clarins | UV Plus Suncreen
Dior | Dream Skin Age-Defying Perfect Skin Creator
Kiehl's | Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion
Kiehl's | Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate
Lancome | Dream Tone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector
Lancome | Genifique [Youth Activating Concentrate] x 2
Lancome | Visionnaire [1 Minute Blur] x 2
Laura Mercier | Foundation Primer
NeoStrata | Intense Wrinkle Repair
Shiseido | Ultimune Eye Concentrate
StriVectin-AR | Advanced Retinol Day Treatment SPF30
Versace | 1mL Bright Crystal Perfume
Viktor & Rolf | 1.5mL Flower Bomb Perfume

Wish List:

Always Feminine Pads
Fibre 1 Cereal
Lactantia Butter
Kraft Cheese [Not Processed/Slices]
Oikos Greek Yogurt

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