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  1. You too thanks, was so icy here today.
  2. Have a good night.
  3. Boring but good lol.
  4. Thanks you too. I'll be watching movies at home lol.
  5. Not sure about here, was pretty sunny but I didn't go out today. Hope the rest of your week is good.
  6. Should be pretty good here next few days.
  7. No I'll probably be ok. I will stay up until 2am which will be 3am and sleep till noon.
  8. The week is going along pretty nicely.
  9. Always.
  10. Oh for sure. I don't care what days off I have as long as I have days off lol. Have a good week.
  11. You too..
  12. Was pretty good after taking the advil for my gout.
  13. Thanks, hope you had a good day.
  14. Wasn't bad here thanks, still 1 more day off tuesday.
  15. Thanks, hope yours is good too. Off till wednesday, just waiting for my bonus from work on tuesday.
  16. Going to be a boring weekend lol. Hope it's good for you.
  17. 5 days off here now, hope you have a good friday.
  18. You too thanks, I work saturday but i'm off sunday, monday and tuesday.
  19. Sleep good..
  20. Thanks for the rep yesterday sorry I didn't see it until today, haven't been online much last couple days. Hope you are having a good week.
  21. Happy Valentine's day..
  22. pretty good, i hope you're ok.
  23. All done for the day, did groceries and had lunch. Hope you're doing good.
  24. Lazy day today, hope yours was good..
  25. Very snowy today and cold but no blizzard.
  26. Oh I know, Ive had enough lol.
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