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  1. Thanks for the b-day wishes Lola. <3
  2. Hey Lola, I really hope you didn't send out a $5 GC for some .epub books as I would have sent you anything you wanted for free. I use two sites to download my books, and I would be more than happy to PM you the addy's for them if you like? Just make sure you scan everything before you open it. Wow that made me so mad to see that she was charging people $5 for books she probably got for free herself. *hugs*
  3. Oh my! You've got a lot going on. I hope you are able to get some rest and you feel better very soon! No worries at all on the contest, I was just teasing. I know how busy things can be. DH is off working so I have 2 little ones that are full on energy. lol.
  4. Hi lola,

    Yes, I have been busy with work. Noah seems to be settling in with daycare. I ended up with a bad case of Tonsillitis which may actually be a case of mono! I have to go and get blood work done, but I just haven't had the time! And there isn't anything they can really do for mono other than rest, which is pretty much impossible with a baby. LOL. I've got company tonight, but I should be able to get the contest rolling tomorrow night after Noah goes to sleep, so check back around 9 tomorrow
  5. No contest yet???? WHAAAAAATTTTTT???? lol

    Hope things are going well for you. I just noticed your contest didn't start so thought maybe you're getting busy. How is work treating you? And daycare for little Noah?
  6. Hey you!

    Thanks for the visitor message. Can't wait for your party thread! DH has been away working so I could use the chat time when the kids go to sleep. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for it and post whenever I get a free minute.

    Hope work is treating you well!
  7. I hate not being able to hang out with you all on a daily basis anymore! I am just waiting until the first of June and then I am starting my very own contest thread to celebrate my SC birthday on June 28th. (Of course it probably was more like June 1st but I lurked for a few weeks first! LOL) *hugs* Hope all is well with you and your wonderful family!
  8. Hope you are enjoying your new house! XOXO
  9. Yay! It arrived. I was stressing that it wouldn't get there by the 31st. I kept forgetting to mail it. lol. Happy Early Easter!
  10. OMG Lola, thank you so much for the card and the coupons!! It really made my day (and I was having a bad one). XOXOXOXO.
  11. Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi!
  12. Awww, thank you so much for the nice birthday wishes!! I was so excited to see I got my own birthday thread. (How pathetic am I? LOL) ♥
  13. Hey Lola, so I found you some black and white templates you can print out and use to cut out the shapes. All you need is the coloured bags a pack of the coloured construction paper, scissors and a glue stick. Then just cut out the shapes from the printed template and use a silver marker to outline the shapes on the construction paper. Then cut them out and glue them! If you send me your email I can send you the templates, I've got Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover and Oscar. Sorry couldn't find a Big Bird Tempted to make up some of those bags myself now!
  14. I'm so happy you liked your envie. I tried to find more for you but my stash is low. I saw the bib the day before sending so I just had to get it.
  15. Thank you thank you thank you! You are amazing! DH said thank you for the Yogurt FPC, its the only treat he can have since he's been diagnosed with diabetes.
  16. OK, now you're just making me green with jealousy! lmao. Kudo's to you! I really do have to amp up my earning. I've only been making enough for 1 x $5 each month. lol. Now there's a few things I need quickly. lol.
  17. lol. I didn't even notice the text colour but yes, you can really see it now! Don't have to worry that I made a typo now. hahaha
  18. I didn't even see all that fine print so I'm glad you posted it, I edited my first post to show it for anyone just seeing the offer now. I didn't see your original post, but I'm sure you didn't mean anything by it. It's good to have people pointing out the cons of an offer. I was so excited by the free diapers that I didn't really think about what I was doing!

    Thanks, I got sick of not being able to read my own wall. LOL. *hugs*
  19. That does bother me because I'm paranoid but it's more that you're giving Huggies the rights to your video. They can use the video for any promotional campaign. I'd hate to see my kids pics splashed all across North America. I know it's a very remote possibility but I couldn't give up that control just in case.

    I totally didn't mean to imply anything when I posted that I wouldn't partake in the promo. I hope it didn't create too much drama. Edited just in case. lol.

    Love the butterfly BTW
  20. Thanks for the rep Lola! I guess I'm still a little naive when it comes to the Internet. I never would have imagined someone would use a Huggies contest to look at near naked babies for their kicks. Glad I uploaded a ten second blurry clip of him fully dressed!
  21. I know, it's crazy how long the wait for a dr. is. My dr. retired and sold his practice and I'm not overly impressed with my new dr. She's not horrible so I can deal but I wish there were more options. It's been about 5 years now, so she's learned what to say and what not to say. lol. I hate how some dr.'s think they know whats best even when they dont know you or your personality/likes/dislikes, etc.
  22. Yeah I really dislike my Dr. She is very opinionated and always tries to force me to do what she wants, not what I want. I actually missed three months of work when she prescribed me a drug for my anxiety that made me a total zombie. I kept telling her that my head felt fuzzy and she insisted it was just a temporary thing that would go away once my body got used to the drug. She would have kept me on it too if I hadn't gotten pregnant with Noah. It's just impossible to get a family Dr these days; DH waited more than two years to get one!
  23. Oh my gosh! I'd be livid. Where's the bedside manner? Pretty sure I'd take my time just because of the insensitivity. lol.
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