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  1. Wishing you a sunshine-full day, Newfiescreech! Snow melt, birds singing, random money on ground finds. You know, a good day!
    Last night was relaxing. Managed to avoid a visitor. Happy about that and my hot chocolate drink.
  2. Did you notice that your missing friend on SC posted in the Roll Up the Rim thread today?
  3. Hi Ciel.. my weekend is going good.. not into watching Super Bowl .. catching up on few good movies that I didn't get chance watch .. PVR them last few weeks ago .. hope your having wonderful evening.. enjoy your popcorn and Super Bowl
  4. Hello, Newfiescreeh! I am seeing Super Bowl commercials online (Twitter). Need to make some popcorn. How is your evening?
  5. Went out into the sunshine-hump day survival instinct! How did you fare on Wed?
  6. Thanks so much Ciel for your message.. always good to hear from you sweetie.. hope your having wonderful nite .. hope you have wonderful weekend. Thanks again and Take good care yourself sweetie ����
  7. Snow and I go way back! Tomorrow is chase the free treats for birthday day! Year of the Rooster too for me (48).
    Hope the snow in your province behaves and melts on the weekend!
  8. Give your Thursday whatever you can, Newfiescreech! Chase rainbows and befriend unicorns. Could be a pot of gold leprechaun in your area
  9. Hello, Newfiescreech! Hope you made lots of warm memories on your sunshine getaway in December!
    Very weak sun is out here today in Hamilton, ON! I will take a walk for some fresh air soon.
  10. Happy New Year, Newfiescreech! Oh, I spent part of day in bed so that counts as self-care.
  11. Thanks so much for rep Ciel ! Have wonderful evening.. Thanks again and Take care yourself yeah !! Great idea with souvenir.. thanks
  12. Thank YOU, Newfiescreech, for the many kind words and chats! Good night!
  13. Thank you, Newfiescreech! Am enjoying online forum time plus an e-book.
    Make Sunday super for you, my friend!

  14. Yeah !! I was gone for along time and only been back over month ago now ., checking everything out around here . Got a lot of catching up do with lot of friends. Thanks for your message .. stay warm inside it's proper thing Ciel take care yourself
  15. I'm having a good time this afternoon staying
    indoors and dry, Newfiescreech! You've been
    doing many likes on posts of late-that's lovely of you!
  16. Good afternoon Ciel .. hope your having wonderful afternoon.. just drop by say hello.. take care
  17. Happy Thanksgiving !! Hope your having wonderful day with family and friends.. thanks for rep .. Thanks again and Take care
  18. May your long weekend offer you occasion to note gratitude for this year's successes and pinpoint areas where things might need a timeout or change of pace. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
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