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    I really get irritated quickly with this process of trying to figure out proper size/resolution when uploading pics to online photolabs!
    I took the pics in 10M on the camera, i dont know why but changed them all to 400x(whatever the computer changed it to), for easy email purposes
    Now I thought I would upload the pics and print at an online lab and everything is off resolution!
    Should I start back from teh begining where the pictures are 10M, lab wants them 1M (700x1000)
    if do I batch convert them? can you recommend an easy program? i use irfanview but am confused on batch conversions on that....omg please help before lose my mind.....
    Thanks and hope you have a good nite!
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    Here's a guide that walks you through the steps of batch conversion with irfanview There's also a video walk through Batch Conversion Video. I would suggest trying your settings with 5 files until you get things the way. Good luck.

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