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    There is a great home buying/selling program from Sears Certified Real Estate services that rewards you with thousands of dollars in Sears gift cards!
    I don’t know about anyone else but I am assuming that if you are on SmartCanucks, you’re just like me….a deal hunter. When I buy things at a store I always use my coupons, points cards, reward miles etc.
    This service follows the same principle.

    You are rewarded with 0.6% of your buying/selling price in Sears gift cards just for using their free,simple and easy referring brokerage service!
    Now that may not sound like a large amount BUT think about it this way:
    Your home sells for $200,000…so you would receive $1200 back in GC’s to help spruce up your new place.

    Better yet, it works both ways whether you are buying OR selling.
    Plus when you enrol in the program, you will get a Coupon Saving Booklet that contains additional discounts for Sears products and services (eg. Additional 10% off of all Kenmore Appliances, on top of existing sale prices)

    Here’s how it works:
    Firstly and most importantly, you need to get in contact with them either via the website or by calling 1-877-Sears-51.
    They then set you up with a quality Realtor in your area. Currently they service most major cities in Southern Ontario, from Windsor to Ottawa.
    Your realtor will help you with all aspects of searching for a home, buying and/or selling.

    Go to their site for more details or to sign up online!
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    This is something to SERIOUSLY think about if you are buying a new home!!! We bought our home almost 7 years ago using Coldwell Banker, who had a similar Sears Promo on at the time. We received Sears points for the purchase price of our home, which we converted to Sears GC's and used them to buy our brand new appliances!!!!! Washer, Dryer, & Fridge. We then got a deal for also buying our Stove and Dishwasher at the same time. Used those points for 2 garage door openers and an air compressor! FREE STUFF for buying what you need anyway!!!!

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