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    Hello, everyone. I believe it is Bewildered Brunette I met last night who so patiently waited behind me as I PM'd, couponed & SPC'd unusually-slowly-for-me (tail end of a rough day).

    Thank you for the coupons & directing me to the Local Part of this site. What a surprise to see a whole sub-forum for Barrie!

    Loving this Board already. Now so much more to explore.
    Thank you to all who contribute.
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    You're very welcome!!

    It was a pleasure meeting you! I was thrilled to see someone else doing what I do and had no trouble waiting at all! Also, I was amazed at your family's patience and involvement...I was thinking to myself "wow, maybe with enough practice I can teach my kids how to do this too...not just to respect the value of a dollar but to help mommy out as well!!"

    As I mentioned, keep checking this forum and hopefully we'll see you at the next coupon meet!

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