Best Deal on high end shoes.

I only shop at Sierra Trading Post for my shoes.....if you shop in the bargain barn you can get Merrells, Eccos, Tevas, ect for 20-35 dollars each ...especially if you search by brand and by your size. If they only have your size you'll get the best discount. The reviews on the website are informative about sizing/comfort. They also have high quality home decor, clothing, and nightgowns. I tend to purchase my pajamas from there but nothing else.

They are a US company and ship UPS. However they make you pay the more expensive shipping, meaning you don't have to pay the customs broker fee that keeps us canadians away from UPS. The shipping ends up being like 30 bucks on a 100 dollar order. My 100 dollar orders typically include 4- 5 high quality pair of shoes... and a 100 dollar nightgown that was 5-20 dollars on clearance. To me its worth the extra shipping, its very high end closeouts. I buy a couple times a year and stock up on my favorites that I can not afford to purchase in canada. I can give anyone who wants a 10 dollar coupon for your first order. Check out the website and if you want a code PM me or email me and I will email you the code.