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    Expired on: Sat, Jan 1st, 2011
    Subscribed thru the General Mills offer... got an email about the digital version, so thought I'd pop thru to find coupons...

    - Page 85: Save $10 on any Neutrogena Clinical product. Expires December 31, 2010.

    Hmm, another one to stack at LD... does LD sell this product?!
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    I don't know its starting to feel like they are carrying less and less. I got a minute rice stack ready as I saw it there went back they donthave it anymore. they also didnt have the pampers swimmers or puffs

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    Yes, LD sells Neutrogena Clinical Set, well, at least the last time I checked. I got two sets free from there already.

    There was two pamphlet booklets out earlier, one is $5 off, the other is $10, stack with the $10 and this $10 from magazine. Voila, FREE !

    You might have to do price match though as LD usually price it at $39.99 or more, but I have seen these sets go on sale from time to time at different places as low as $28.99

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