I got my October issue of More magazine yesterday, and there is a coupon booklet that came with it. It is the same booklet that came with the Homemakers and Canadian Living magazine. For those of you who missed those posts, here it is:

Clip N Save Booklet
-$1.00-any Arm and Hammer Laundry detergent-Mar 31st,11-#65333801
-$1-any Tenderflake pie shell,deep dish or all vegetable shortening deep dish pie shell-Oct 31st-#19903718
-$1.00-any one Wasa product-Mar 31st,11-#84407952
-$1.00-any 1L Apollinaris Classic Mineral Water-Mar 31st,11-#84407928
-$0.50-one box of Barilla Pasta-Dec 31st-#32001091
-$1.50-any Van Houtte ground or whole bean coffee(225g or larger)-Mar 31st,11-#7960089
-$5.00-any Osteo Joint Ease product from Webber Naturals-Sep 30th,11-#43402869
-$1.00-any one multiple pack or 6 individual boxes of Royale or Royale ultra facial tissue-Dec 31st-#68006378
-$1.00-any package of Royale or Royale Ultra bathroom tissue-Dec 31st-#68006365
-$1.00-any Stouffer's single serve entree or lean cuisine product-Dec 31st-10029897
-$1.00-any Newman's Own all natural pasta sauce, salsa or dressing-Dec 31-#36304703
-$1.00 on any High Liner signature 680g product-Apr 30th,11-#12614208
-$1.00-WYB any 3 Maple leaf canned meat products-Dec 31st-#53547255

I have a subscription, and I am in Ontario, so they may be different in other provinces. I have almost all of these for trade, so pm me if interested.