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    my husband and i are considering moving to saskatoon. Im wondering if you would be kind enough to help me with some information please:
    I've heard it floods is that correct? if yes, how often, does it happen outside the city as well , rural ?
    if we were to rent which side of the river I should look for?
    how about buying? we were thinking of maybe purchasing a farm as he might be there for 10+ years...

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    Hiya, I'm in Saskatoon! Oh, with the flooding, it's just that this year there has been an unusual amount of rain, way more than usual.
    There is a part of the city, in the west end, which has had troubles with flooding generally, but I think the city has addressed that for the most part by fixing or putting in bigger pipes.
    We are renting a duplex, which is the only way we could afford to live on the east side of the city - we have been here 15 years. Rents are much cheaper on the west side - but it all depends upon what you want, if you have a family, schools, etc.
    As for buying a home, it's very expensive on the east side, even for a small house. Much more affordable on the west side, even the new subdivisions.
    Can't help you with the farm availability.... I know some people on acreages nearby the city, though.

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