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    I just got my October issue of Best health, and it has a few coupons in it. I am in Ontario, and have a subscription, so they may be different in other provinces.

    $5-any greens+ purchase of $15 or more-#62477609-Dec 31
    $3-any fast joint care+ purchase of 30 or 60 day-#62477610-Dec 31
    $2-any o3mega product-#62477612-Dec 31

    In Magazine
    Pg 32-$1-Silk Light Vanilla 1.89L-#87804339-Jan 31st
    Pg 121-$1-Granny's Breaded Turkey Breast Strips-#73901596-July 1/11

    I have all of these for trade (2 copies of each) if anyone is interested. Just pm me.
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    Yay! I can't wait to get my issue! I love this magazine!
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