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    I got my November issues of both Chatelaine and Best Health the other day. There are several coupons and booklets with them this month. I am not sure which booklet came with which magazine, as they got mixed up, so if anyone knows, post it here so that others know which come with which. I am in Ontario and have subscriptions for both, so they may be different in other provinces.

    In Chatelaine magazine
    Pg 25-$10-any Neutrogena Clinical product-#04383837-Dec 31
    Pg 35 insert-15% off entire purchase through Nov 15th at Eddie Bauer
    Pg 83-$1.50-any Infants or Childrens Tylenol product-#04384016-July 8
    Pg 97-$1-Silk Light Vanilla 1.89L-#87804326-Jun 31

    In More magazine

    Pg 35 insert-$5-WYB1 Nivea Visage Anti-age product-#08917863-June 30
    $12-WYB2 Nivea Visage Anti-age products-#08917876-June 30
    $20-WYB3 Nivea Visage Anti-age products-#08917889-June 30
    These are all applicable on any Q10,DNAge or expert life products
    Pg 41-$10-any Neutrogena Clinical product-#04383837-Dec 31
    Pg 18 insert-Calvin Klein Beauty Fragrance sample

    Clip and Save Booklet
    $1-Quaker Strawberry & Vanilla Oatmeal-#15105064-Dec 31
    $.50-any Hormel Compleats Microwave meal-#85019325-Sept 30,11
    $1-any Ester-C Vitamin C product-#43402898-Oct 31,11
    $1-any Tenderflake Pie,Tart,Patty Shell or Puff Pastry product-#19903734-Dec 31

    Real Beauty Booklet
    $1.00-any Desert Essence product $6.99 or more-#1833400076-Dec 31
    $1.00-any Alba Hawaiian or Shave Cream product-#23207312-Dec 31
    $1.00-any Avalon Organics personal care product-#23207325-Dec 31
    $1.00-any Giovanni product-#13000100-Dec 31
    $3-any derma e Natural Bodycare product-MIR-Dec 30

    The Right Choice booklet
    $3-any 6-pack of Glucerna nutritional drinks or any 4-pack of Glucerna bars-#18211838-Nov 30,11
    $10-the regular price of Neuragen 5ml bottle-#20103154-May 31
    $.50-any Tre Stelle Ricotta Cheese product-#72004353-June 30
    $1-Nuturegg Omega Pro 500g Liquid Egg Product-#42404936-Dec 31,11
    $1-any Chapmans 2L Frozen Yogurt-#69301894-Dec 31,11

    Love of Baking Booklet
    $1-any size or variety of Robin Hood Flour-#09244333-Apr 30
    $1-any Robin Hood Nutri Flour Blend-#09244346-Apr 30
    $1-any Robin Hood or Old Mill Oats-#09244359-Apr 30
    $1-any Crisco Canola or Vegetable Oil 946ml or larger-#51525499-Dec 31
    $.75-any Smuckers Squeeze Fruit Spread,No sugar added fruit and Concentrated White grape Juice Spread or Pure Jam-#51525457-Apr 30
    $.60-any Regular or Low Fat Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk-#51525486-Dec 31
    $.35-any Regular,2% or Fat Free Carnation Evaporated Milk-#51525460-Dec 31
    $.75-any Crisco All-Vegetable or Golden All-Vegetable Shortening-#51525503-Dec 31
    $1-any Folgers Classic Roast coffee 920g size or Black Silk Coffee 584g saize-#30401378-Mar 31
    $.50-Astro Original Plain Yogurt-#11909516-Apr 30
    $1-any Splenda Sweetener product-#04381482-Apr 30
    Free-Cake Server from the Canadian Wheat Board-just pay $2 in postage
    $.75-Naturegg Simply Egg Whites 500g liquid egg product-#42404978-Dec 31,11
    $.50-Naturegg Omega 3 Eggs-#42404981-Dec 31,11
    $.75-any Fleischmann's Pizza Yeast-#67900695-Dec 31,11
    $.75-any re-sealable Fleischmann's Canada brand Corn Starch-#67900666-Dec 31,11

    I have most of these for trade, so if interested, pm me.
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    Hi, this is the first time I write on SC. So if I got this right, I'd have to get a subscription to Best Health Magazine (or is there a web link/or in newspapers?) to receive the booklets : The Right Choice booklet | Love of Baking Booklet | Recettes Sympathiques booklet and Clip and Save Booklet. Thanks much ; )
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    pmd you Sarafin
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