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    "acs" = anti customer service

    Today was a Beauty Gala Event at one of our local SDM's. This was my first Gala event and I looked forward to it because of all the positive reviews. Well here is a list of the events that took place:

    - event was from 1-4 pm, when we arrived at 1 the event wasn't set up. The reps from the cosmetic companies didn't have tables/stools and they weren't too happy.

    - I had called earlier in the day and spoke to someone from cosmetics to ask for an item to be put behind the counter for when I arrived. No problem until I arrived and the item wasn't there and the same sales clerk who said she would put it away tried to upsell me to something else and had a very anti-customer attitude.

    - while I was having makeup/nail makeover done most of the reps were complaining how poorly organized the event was and attitude of above person

    - standing in line at checkout (only allowed to check out at cosmetics for this event) "anti customer service" clerk was telling people ahead of me that they only qualified for the surprise gift card if you spent $50 in cosmetics. She told quite a few customers this. So at least 5 people in the line I was in didn't get their card.

    - my turn comes up with "acs" clerk and she didn't ring in my $10 discount for this event and told me I had to purchase cosmetics. I asked her if she didn't think that nail stations and makeup stations were cosmetics. She didn't answer and walked away.

    - I waited and another sales clerk came over and she tried to rectify the whole $10 discount and gc issue. Supervisor had to be called. Supervisor very kindly fixed everything and gave me a little extra for the hassle.

    - Cosmetics manager came over to me and asked if everything was fixed and I told her it was but told her of my concerns that the cosmetics "acs" clerk may fit somewhere in the organization but definately not with customers. I explained how she turned people away when they qualified for the $75 mystery gc, didn't know that nail polish and makeup stations were cosmetics, and most of all when she made an error she walked away instead of apologizing or trying to fix her error. I thanked the manager for listening but unfortunately I won't shop at that location for cosmetics again if that person is still there.

    Anyway for all the beef there were perks:

    - manager who really listened and seemed to care about the concerns

    - supervisor who went out of her way to fix everything and give me a little bonus

    - all the goodies that I won in draws: Gift Bag of full size Vichy Products, makeup bag with Arden beauty products, another little gift bag with cologne/body lotion/bracelet(Beyonce line), gift bag with various samples, and a really nice tote bag.
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    I'm sorry you had that experience. There are some Shoppers I won't go into because of snotty clerks in the makeup section. I have one by my house I always go to now. The women know me and are very friendly.

    I've been to a few galas without any problems.

    I'm glad the management rectified the situation. I don't blame you for not wanting to shop there.

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    really awesome and keep on doing this type of sharing please

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