my first post, lurking for a long time, but this post made me want to share a similar experience i had today at CT. greenworks laundry was on sale for $4.99 and I had 10 coupons for $3.00 off (the ones that hand around other GW products, yay! the detergent is never on sale!)...anyway, my cashier, a nice guy from st. john's, nfld had to ask his manager whether the coupons could be used at once... the old "one per purchase" issue. the manager said, nope, you can only use one coupon per transaction. blerg. so i did 10 transactions! yes, it took longer, but fortunately, the CT wasn't busy and i just told anyone who got behind me in line that i would be a while. in the end, worth it because i got each detergent for $2.02 minus .05cents for with the CT money! $1.97! so needless to say, i am ultra stocked up especially since i later went to zellers to get 2x purex 3in1 for $1.88 each!