Hey everyone. Not sure if this is just applicable to my area (moncton, NB) or if it is for all of canada, BUT, when you place a delivery OR Pick up order online with greco for the first time you can receive a free 12 inch garlic fingers and Donair sauce.


Again this is for first time online orders (however two nights in a row we were able to receive this deal as the first night the order was in my name and the second night it was in my boyfriends name).

Just pick what you want. Pick the Garlic fingers and when you go to the check out screen type in FINGERS in the promo box and apply.

ALSO right now they are selling their 12 inch Oven subs for $5.00 each when ordered online as well!!!!

I ordered the first night 2 -12 inch oven subs with the 12 inch garlic finger and extra meats on the subs for delivery and it only cost $15.00!!!