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    Out and about doing walk throughs today and spotted new coupies at...

    Foxboro Foodland:

    $.75 McCain's purley potatoes or sweet potatoe fries ex. Aug31/11

    $.50 Crush yogurt ex Dec31/11

    $.50 VH Steamers ex June30/11

    FREE KD wub2 of participating kraft products (kraft salad dressings, kraft slide and seal cheese, Jello ready to eat pudding, thinsensations, maxwell house ground coffee, miracle whip) THIS COUPIE STATES AT VERY BOTTOM RIGHT, 'Offer valid only at participating Sobey's and Foodland stores in Ontario". ex Mar31/11

    $0.75 WUB1 Black Diamond cheese strings 8's or 16's ex Aug31/11

    $0.75 WUB1 Black Diamond Funcheese 8's ex Aug31/11

    Not Sure if this is new?

    $1.00 WUB1 1x12 or 1x6 710ml or 2 2l bottles Schweppes ex mar31/11

    In Foxboro Foodland, I also purchased a Maple Leaf Simply Savour and used a TFT $1WUB1 and inside was $10.50 worth of coupies!!!! All Ex Mar 31/11
    -4x $2WUB1 ANY Maple Leaf Simple Savour
    -$1WUB1 fully cooked sliced oven roasted chicken breasts
    -$1wub1 uncle ben's natural select rice
    -$.50wub1 dempster's oven fresh baggettes or rolls

    At Belleville Metro I spotted:

    $1wub2 Rice Crispie snacks ex June30/11

    $.75 on any Ivanhoe cheese 300g-500g ex Sept30/11

    At Belleville Wal Mart:

    $3wub2 Aveeno ex Dec31/11

    At Belleville Zellers:

    $2wub any Garnier Nutrisse product ex Dec31/11
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    Rice Krispie ones at Trenton Metro too (just saw it today).

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