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    Just wondering if anyone knows where, if any, clearance areas in Belleville WM are, and if Shoppers in Trenton has an area?

    I know in Trenton at the WM, the health and beauty ones are on end shelf on wall aisle (across from pads), a few cleaning ones on end shelf against wall in new cleaning supplies area, and boots/shoes at end of aisle near wall.

    Pharmaplus has clearance islands at front near cashes (not sure if that's normal area for them or not, but there now).

    Giant Tiger has a shelf near back cash in Trenton, and Belleville seems to be on islands near front cash.

    Anyone know any other places?
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    i dont notice were there clearance is in trenton i just see stuff all over not in the flyer so i assume its clearance. Will check the other spots next time i am in trenton

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