Gpad company has developed the new firmware to improve Gforce these days according to the feedback from our customers. Thanks to the great support from Gpad company, Pandawill sincerely invites customers to experience this upgraded Gpad Gforce with preferential price $259.99, $40 cheaper than the original price .

Before you get it, You need to sign for this activity firstly by following this thread to write down your promise that you will share your experience on this Gpad Gforce with our members in the forum.

There is no limitation to your view. No matter your point is negative or positive, we all welcome. And we will be very appreciated , if you could do us a favor to post your opinion or view on this Gforce to our facebook and twitter page.

Here is the link for you to share your experience on it:

This activity starts from March 15th (EST) and will end after the limited number of Gpad Gforce sold out. Do not to miss.

As we know, this upgraded Gpad Gforce is one of best 9.7 inch Freescale tabs in China market now. According to Gpad company, this new software brought some improvements as follows:

1. 3G network is available after plug a 3G dongle to it.
2. Two version of UI, iPad and non-iPad style. Under the iPad style, the big round button on front can be used as return button when you short press and home button when you long press.
3. Inter device storage has extended to 1 GB from the orginal 200MB.
4. better compatibility to the 3rd-party applications
5. system faster response
6. When it get charged under shut-down state, the battery status will be displayed on the screen like the cell phone.

Here is the upgraded firmware link: ... &extra=page%3D1