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    Hey everyone!

    My boyfriend created a site where you can creat a profile and submit posts on whatever topic you want. The great thing is, you can earn $$ for posting on the site.

    How it works is the more traffic or hits to your post the more you earn. You will earn $0.0015 per hit per post. Also you can earn $0.50 per referral to the site (they have to register and do 10 posts for you to earn the referral fee).

    I am currently posting product reviews, recipies and family/parenting interest topics. The site just went Live today, so it is brand new. You can post about anything you want. When you register you creat a profile and bio of yourself. There is a section for top authors and the site is searchable through search engines as well. Right now we need people to become members and pass on their referral links and to submit postings.

    Remember the more Traffic you generate to your post the more you get paid! I know that $0.0015 doesn't seem like much but it can add up very quickly and the more you post the more you earn!!!

    Please take a look... also if you have any questions I will answer them as best as I can!!!
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    Ineteresting. How is one paid, and how does the website generate the money to pay posters? Is it google ads?

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