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    Quote Originally Posted by mvandekuyt View Post
    Here's the new coupon policy everyone has been talking about It is different than the coupon policy mentioned by Edmonton Christine - it is BETTER! It says it WILL accept competitor's coupons. Anyone brave enough to try a coupon zone one there??
    I actually did yesterday. I had an OJ coupon from Superstore in my book, and grabbed an OJ from the cooler at Walmart. When we hit checkout and I gave all of my coupons, I looked at it twice and said, "oops! Wrong store!" and tried to take it away from her. The cashier (bless her...I held up her lane for 30+ minutes) explained to me that they do accept competitor's coupons - that was news to me, and I had their coupon policy printed and ready incase there was a problem with my printed coupons!

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    No way! Thats awesome!

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