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    I have talked to Boo and have decided that exchanges are getting a tad out of hand. There are users joining, not sending out their ends and then the people that didn't receive theres are lost in the shuffle because theres another 4 exchanges running at the same time.

    Exchanges use to be organized by just a few people, there was a list of people NOT allowed to join and permission and a heads up was asked before running one. Its become a free for all which has its positive and negatives. We don't care whom runs them but we would like them scaled back. Before only major holiday event etc were covered and wed like to continue that. A quick heads up to AmberLab for gift exchanges (not trains) would greatly be appreciated before you start to run one. If you have a questionable member wanting to join I am running trading right now so you can consult with me.

    This is just to protect members

    (card exchanges are not included in this)

    **Card exchanges are **cards only*** no gc etc.
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