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    I have searched for another thread and nothing came up so hopefully someone hasn't started one already.

    I received my May issue of More yesterday, and there are a few coupons this month. I have a subscription, and live in Ontario, so they may be different in other provinces and on the newsstands.

    In magazine
    Pg-21-$2 off any L'Oreal Root Rescue-#46962616

    Health & Happiness Booklet
    $2 off any Genuine Health purchase valued at $10 or more-#62477666-June 30
    $5 off any Genuine Health purchase valued at $25 or more-#62477668-June 30

    I have all of these for trade. If interested pm me.
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    I've never heard of that magazine, but I like reading your posts anyways just to look at your avatar. Aww I want that kitty!
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