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    *FULL* - Sunny Spring Showers VWT!

    I know my SC rating is low, but I have done a few VWT's before on other websites with great success.

    Train Rules:
    1) Reply to this thread to reserve you spot.
    2) I will be taking 9 riders (10 including myself).
    3) You will PM me your name and address and wishlist.
    4) I will post the wishlists.
    5) Your wishlist must be a minimum of 30 coupons - Remember- The more you put on your list, the easier it will be for all of us.
    6) Your wishlist must specify the following preferences;
    Websaver Y/N
    Brandsaver Y/N Y/N
    GoCoupons Y/N
    Tear pad Y/N
    Print at Home Y/N
    French Y/N
    Toonie for Tummies Y/N
    7) No store specific please!
    8) No American coupons!
    9) Each rider will look at the wishlists and send a minimum of 4 coupons to each other rider.
    10) Boarding pass for this train is 3 unused postage stamps.
    11) You must bundle the coupons for each rider together (ziploc baggie, envelope, paperclip, etc) NO STAPLES PLEASE! You MUST also put a To/From label (using you SC username) on each bundle.
    12) Feedback is MANDATORY for all riders and myself (Train conductor) ~ if you don't leave feedback, you won't be allowed to join another of my trains or exchanges...may seem harsh but it doesn't take long to send a quick feedback message and thanks!
    13) Coupon Substitutions will not be accepted. Please try to ensure that you are sending the coupons the riders requested unless it is ok'd by the rider. If a person has $1.00 off product x- please do not send BOGO or $0.50 off, etc.
    14) If you are unable to provide a rider the coupon they want, you must send a postage stamp (unused) in its place.
    15) Unless otherwise specified or sent as extras - no expiry's prior to May 28th.
    16) Mail date to me (the conductor) will be April 29th. Envelopes postmarked past that day may be returned to you without being swapped! Please try to be prompt. It makes for a better train experience for all.

    Once all envies are recieved by me, I will sort all the coupons into who gets what. I use the postage stamps to send you back the coupons we've all put in for YOU.

    I know my SC rating is low, but I have done a few VWT's before with great success.


    1. Gail200186 (Conductor)*Wishlist Posted*
    2. Lunamoth *Wishlist Posted* - Envy Recieved
    3. Drake *Wishlist Posted*- Envy Recieved
    4. Ischwarz *Wishlist Posted*- Envy Recieved
    5. Humptygirl_06*Wishlist Posted - Cancelled
    6. Suvana *Wishlist Posted* - Envy Recieved
    7. Busy.Mommy.BC *Wistlist Posted*- Envy Recieved
    8. taxsavey *Wishlist Posted* - Envy Recieved
    9. jenmhahn *Wistlist Posted*- Envy Recieved
    10. moefox *Wishlist Posted*- Envy Recieved


    Gail200186 Wishlist

    Websaver Y
    Brandsaver Y - STACKABLE ONLY Y
    GoCoupons Y
    Tear pad Y
    Print at Home Y - Only up to $3 each
    French N
    Toonie for Tummies N

    1) Juice - Any
    2) Pop - Any
    3) Block cheese
    4) Cheese snacks - No tear pad
    5) Becel Marg
    6) Granola/Cereal bars
    7) Frozen Fruit
    8) Fresh Bananas - From Kelloggs Boxes
    9) Dellissio Pizza
    10) Lean Cuisine
    11) Steamers
    12) Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners
    13) Michilinas
    14) Mars BOGO
    15) Peanut Butter
    16) Bread - Any
    17) Campbell Soups or Stock - No blue label specific
    18) Hellman's Mayo
    19) Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk
    20) Olive Oil
    21) Heinz Ketchup
    22) Yogurt - Any
    23) International Delight - For any - No cafe inpirations specific
    24) Carnation Breakfast Anytime - Stackable
    25) Catelli Pasta
    26) Sunlight Dish Detergent
    27) Sunlight Laundry Detergent - Would love the ones
    28) Ziploc Containers
    29) Bounce Sheets - Not UPC#63654905 or 63654628
    30) Thinsations
    31) Classico Sauces
    32) Clover Leaf Tuna - Flaked only
    33) Vichy
    34) Canadian Tire Money - $1 or $2
    35) Kraft Dinner
    36) Uncle Bens
    37) Milk
    38) Pro Plan Dog Food
    39) Polysporin
    40) Always Liners
    41) Nutri Whip
    42) Cool Whip
    43) Philly cheese
    44) Tenderflake
    45) Meat - Any
    46) Listerine
    47) Irish Spring
    48) Bountry Paper Towel
    49) Bathroom Tissue - Any
    50) Gain - Save $ WUB1
    51) Purex
    52) Dawn Dish Detergent
    53) Tom's Deoderant
    54) Heinz Baked Beans
    55) Sidekicks
    56) Hunt's Tomato Paste or Diced Tomatoes
    57) Beef Save $3 from Kelloggs boxes

    Lunamoth's Wistlist

    I take save/websaver/gocoupons
    I take printed
    No French
    No Toonies for tummies
    No store specific

    1) Aero BOGO
    2) Christie Crackers
    3) Granola bars (any)
    4) Hunt’s Snak Pack pudding
    5) Juice (any)
    6) cereal bars
    7) Nature Valley Granola bars
    8) Pepsi
    9) Coke
    10) Schweppes
    11) Cherrios
    12) Kellogg’s cereals
    13) Block cheese (any)
    14) B2GO Aquafina
    15) Becel margarine
    16) Cadbury
    17) Campbells soups
    18) champmans
    19) $1 off Cheerios (
    20) $2 eggo
    21) $1.00 fresh bananas (from kellogg’s cereal box coupon)
    22) Frozen fries
    23) Frozen fruits
    24) Frozen pizza
    25) $1.50 or more Janes Chicken Products
    26) Lean Cuisine
    27) Mars BOGO
    28) Minute maid frozen juice
    29) Oasis refridgerated
    30) Oasis shelf juice
    31) Old El Paso
    32) Pasta (any and any whole wheat too)
    33) Peanut butter
    34) Pillsbury crescents
    35) prime chicken
    36) sidekicks
    37) Stouffers
    38) $0.75 Sun-Maid bread
    39) Tropicana juice
    40) $2 off Ben’s bread (
    41) Dempsters
    42) D Italiano
    43) Country Harvest
    44) Kashi Products
    45) Maxx Scoop Cat Litter

    Drake's Wishlist

    Yes:, gocoupons, websaver, brandsaver, tear pads, call-ins. Smartsouce and other fliers valid in Ontario.
    No: French, Toonies for Tummies, store specific and printables unless noted in my list.

    - Classico sauces any
    - Coffeemate whitner (powder only please)
    - Folgers coffee
    - Green Giant Vegtables
    - Nescafee instant coffee
    - Bread/Bun (Wonder or D'italiano)
    - 75˘ CATELLI SMART Pasta (RLF)
    - Pasta (Catelli,De Cecco,Unico,Primo)
    - Olivieri Fresh Pasta
    - Campbell/Chunky soups
    - Yogurt (any12 package or more)
    - French's Mustard
    - Clover Leaf Tuna
    - McCain Superfries
    - SunRype juice
    - Filipo Berio Olive Oil
    - Eggos
    - Becel Margarine
    - Sealtest Milk
    - Ziploc bags
    - Glad Garbage Bags
    - Gain liquid laundry detergent
    - Fleecy dryer sheets
    - $1 Palmolive dish soap coupon code 80003347 (RLF)
    - Palmolive dish soap
    - Scrub free (Xtreme only please)
    - Toilet duck (no scrubbing bubbles combination please)
    - Lysol Disinfectant wipes, spray or cleanser
    - Lysol All Purpose cleaners or Multi surface
    - Bounty Paper Towel
    - any sensitive Toothpaste
    - $2 Head & Shoulders upc 63756021 (RLF)
    - Head & Shoulders Shampoo
    - Down Under Naturals
    - $2 Irish spring bar soap coupon code 80003272 (RLF)
    - Irish spring bar soap
    - Charmin Toilet paper (good for ultra strong please)
    - Softsoap or Jergens handsoap
    - Secret antiperspirant
    - Iam's canned dog food
    - Lick your chops canned dog food (RLF)
    - Orijen dry Dog food (good for adult or senior only please)
    - Greenies (RLF)
    - Tid Bits dog treats
    - Pup-peroni dog treats

    Lschwarz's Wishlist

    Websaver Y
    Brandsaver Y - STACKABLE ONLY Y
    GoCoupons Y
    Tear pad Y
    Print at Home Y
    French N
    Toonie for Tummies N

    Any FPC
    High Value Pampers Diapers or wipes
    Eggs(not liquid)
    Tassimo T-discs
    $3 and $2 Call ins from J &J
    Bananas ($off or free)
    Ground Beef
    Pampers diapers or wipes(not P&G insert)
    Women’s deoderant
    $2 canada dry ginger ale (found on box of 12 cans)
    Similac Mom(printable ok!)
    Kraft Salad Dressing(not sizzling salad kits)
    Tide Laundry Det(not P&G insert)
    Gain Laundry Det
    Aveeno(not lotion)
    Kellog’s cereal
    Fibre 1 cereal
    Yoptimal yogurt)
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    Infant Tylenol
    Pampers GTG codes
    Crystal Light
    Nice & Easy Hair Color
    Any toothbrush
    Pam cooking spray
    Yoplait Tubes
    Campbells soup
    Miracle Whip
    Quaker Chewy Bars
    Any Granola bar
    Quaker rice cakes
    Delissio Crispy Flatbread Pizza
    Delissio Thin Crispy Crust Pizza
    WW Smart Ones
    Ziploc Containers
    Ziploc Bags
    U by Kotex – pads/liners not tampons
    Canadian Tire $

    Humptygirl_06's Wishlist

    Websaver Y
    Brandsaver Y Y
    GoCoupons Y
    Tear pad Y
    Print at Home Y
    French N
    Toonie for Tummies Y

    $5 Chapmans
    $1 Febreze Fabric Refresher
    $2 Eggo Waffles, 16 count
    $1 Hamburger Helper
    $0.50 Green Giant, any frozen vegetables
    $1 Sunlight Laundry Product
    $2.50 Huggies Diapers
    $1 Huggies Wipes
    $1.50 Cascade Action Pacs
    $1 Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    Lays / Ruffles
    $1 Royale Bathroom Tissue
    $1 Majesta Bathroom Tissue
    $ Kelloggs Special K
    $1 Bounce Dryer Bar
    Scott Paper Towel
    U by Kotex
    Mini Wheats
    $3 Hamburger WUB Hamburger Helper
    McCain Juices
    Durcell Batteries
    Dove Soap
    Ritz Crackers
    Black Diamond Cheese (Not Funcheez)
    Kraft Cheese Slices
    Cheeze Whiz
    Johnsons Baby Products
    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
    Childrens Tylenol
    Reactine Allergy Medication
    Snuggle Fabric Softener
    Imperial Margarine

    Suvama's Wishlist

    Websaver Y
    Brandsaver Y Y
    GoCoupons Y
    Tear pad Y
    Print at Home N
    French N
    Toonie for Tummies N

    Fibre One granola bars
    Special K bars
    Nature’s Bounty vitamins
    Webber vitamins
    Jamieson vitamins
    Swiss Natural vitamins
    Soft drinks
    Fresh Bananas - From Kelloggs Boxes
    Canadian Tire Money
    Old Dutch
    Starbucks VIA
    ICoke pins
    $3.00 Hamburger wb Hamburger helper (from box)
    $1.50 bagged salad
    $2.50 Renee's dressing
    Bullseye BBQ sauce
    bug repellant
    quaker products
    Dove bar soap
    Natural Defense—dog treats only please!
    Hamburger helper
    Cow’s milk
    Save $1 on Old El Paso Refried Beans OR Soft Tortillas
    BOGO Purina Beneful prepared meals wet dog food
    Busy Bone
    Kraft products
    Shampoo (not Head and Shoulders)
    Fresh veggies or fruit

    Busy.Mommy.BC's Wishlist

    Brandsaver/Smartsource/RedPlum fliers – No thanks – I have LOTS! – yes
    Toonies for Tummies – no thank you
    French – no thank you
    Can you stack – yes
    Store Specific – no thank you
    Printables – no thank you

    -Vaseline FPC
    -SmartOnes FPC
    -Cottonelle FPC
    -Huggies Pull Ups FPC
    -Any Johnson & Johnson call ins
    -Colgate/Palmolive call ins

    -Dove - Save $2 WUB2 Different Full Size Products from 2 Different Product Lines, Aug 31/11 UPC 89288128
    -Dove 4$ WUB 3.
    -Boost $2.00 off - exp Dec 31, 2011, upc 10030030266
    -Huggies Pull Ups **Big Wish** especially if from the company!
    -Smart Ones Frozen Entrees
    -Weight Watchers Bread, Bagels etc….
    -Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief
    -$0.75+ WUB 2 Dempsters Whole Grain Products
    -$1.00 on any Dove bar 4 x 90g pack - Jun 30, 2011
    -$1.00/$1.50 on select Dove Bars – June 30, 2011
    -$1.50 off Irish Spring Body Wash
    -$0.50 off 1.36 L bottle of Sun-Rype Juice
    -$1.50 off bagged lettice/salad (cereal box)
    -$1.50 Extra Professional Multi-pack expires Jun 30 2011
    -Colgate kids toothpaste $0.75 coupon
    -Colgate kids toothbrush $1.00 off coupon
    -$1 Colgate-Palmolive (from the company)
    -$1.50 Refresh Brand Products (or Refresh tears)
    $1.50 off Sensitive Eyes Multi-purpose Solution (Contact solution)
    -Save $5 wub 3 Gillette Products
    -$1.00 Dove haircare 355ml,or styling
    -Greenworks $5 WUB 3
    -Greenworks $1.50
    -Any Tide Laundry
    -Any for Lysol health touch soap refill
    -$5.00 WUB 2 Sunlight Laundry
    -Sunlight- Save $1 on any Sunlight Laundry Detergent, Dec 31/11 UPC 72613381
    -Hot Chocolate (1.00 or more)
    -Imperial Soft Margarine (tubs)
    -$2.00 Eggo Waffles (cereal box)
    -$1 Fresh Berries (Kelloggs box)
    -$1 Fresh Bananas (Kelloggs box)
    -$1.50 Bagged Salad (Kelloggs box)
    -B1G1 Aero Pepermint Chocolate Bars – exp Dec 31/11
    -Kellogg's Mini Wheats Little Bites - June 30 '11
    -Adams - Save $0.75 on any Adams Natural Peanut Butter, Oct 31/11
    -Armstrong Cheese (WUB 1)
    -$5.00/$4.00 WUB 2 Olay etc products
    -$9.00/$7.00 WUB 3 Olay etc products
    -Pampers Wipes (other than brandsaver flier pls) ( is great!)
    -Pampers Diapers (other than brandsaver flier pls) ( is great!)
    -Tampax Compact Pearl Tampons (other than brandsaver flier pls) ( is great!)
    -Always Pads (other than brandsaver flier pls) ( is great!)
    -Speed Stick (for men)
    -Chocolate Milk (if it exists)
    -Laughing Cow Cheese
    -Tetley Tea
    -Pepsi products
    -$1.25 any ONE/TWO Charmin or Puffs
    -Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    -BOGO Motts Fruit Sensation
    -Dr Oetkers's Pizza ($1.50 wub1)
    -$1 Glad Wrap Regular (Glad box)
    -$1 Glad Resealable Bags (Glad box)
    -$1 wub 3 Heinz beans – Ex Dec 31/11

    Taxsavey's Wishlist

    printables no
    store specific-no
    stackables-yes (new wording I can stack)

    kotex, playtex or o.b tampons
    glad wrap or garbage
    campbells (non specific)
    chapmans ice cream $3 or $5
    ice cream $5
    block cheese
    lysol wipes
    philly cheese
    hamburger helper
    green giant vegetables
    palmolive $1
    renees dressing $2.50
    clorox wipes
    fiber 1 bars ordered
    polysporn (non specific)
    clairol stackables-not insert
    $2 eggos
    janes chicken-only printable
    smart rinse
    smart pasta
    catelli pasta
    tuna-(not flavoured kind)
    $1.50 bagged salad
    $3.00 ground beef
    any salad dressing except for sizzling salad
    Natural defense dog treats $2.50 (not store)
    Beneful dog food that is okay for any size $5. or $3 (not store)
    pedigree $3. dog food (not store)
    purex detergent $3.
    multibitonia from magazine not insert
    beneful dog prepared meal $1.25
    j and j coupon from manufacter

    Jenmhahn's Wishlist

    Websaver Y
    Brandsaver Y Y
    GoCoupons Y
    Tear pad Y
    Print at Home Y
    French N
    Toonie for Tummies N

    Cereal (pref Cheerios)
    Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
    Frozen Fruit
    Astro Yogurt
    Cool Whip
    Dog Treats (no marrow bone)
    St. Ives Any
    Degree Deodorant (preferably clinical)
    Aveeno $2.00 Body
    Royale Grande
    Satin Care
    Old Elpaso
    Heinze Ketchup
    Fresh Fruit/Veg
    Olay Save $5 WUB2/3
    Peanut Butter
    Frozen Veg
    Delicio Pizza (pref Garlic Bread)
    Olive Oil
    Bounce Bars
    Scrubbing Bubbles
    Canadian Tire $1.00

    Moefox's Wishlist

    Websaver Yes
    Brandsaver Yes Yes
    GoCoupons Yes
    Tear pad Yes
    Print at Home Yes
    French No
    Toonie for Tummies No

    Pampers, stackable
    Green works
    Pro plan dog food ($5 tear pad)
    Gillette deoderant
    Secret Deoderant
    Degree deoderant
    Any Venus razor
    $2 Bic Razor
    Any Old Spice
    J&J Call in
    Save $2 Olay from brandsaver
    Save $5 wub 2 Olay from brandsaver
    $5 off any ice cream (cereal box)
    Gain - Save $ WUB1 or 2
    Heinz Baked Beans
    Dellissio Pizza
    Dish Detergent
    Laundry Detergent
    Ziploc Containers & Bags
    Bounce Sheets & Bars
    Kellogs cereal
    Juice - Any
    Pop - Any
    Block cheese
    Cheese snacks
    Becel Marg
    Granola/Cereal bars
    Frozen Fruit
    Fresh Bananas - From Kelloggs Boxes
    Lean Cuisine
    Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners
    Bread - Any
    Campbell Soups or Stock - No blue label specific
    Heinz Ketchup
    International Delight
    Carnation Breakfast Anytime - Stackable
    Catelli Pasta
    Clover Leaf Tuna
    Kraft Dinner
    Meat - Any
    Irish Spring
    Paper Towel
    Bathroom Tissue - Any
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    I will take a seat. Wishlist to be PMed later

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    I would like a seat please.

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    Great! Just Pm me you name, address and wishlist and I will add you to the list of riders! Thanks!

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    Seat please! Just heading out for Easter dinner so I'll PM you my info and last this evening

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    @ Ischwarz....Ok...remember and add you address and name with your list.


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    I'd love a seat on this train! PM'ing you my wishlist now.

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    I'd like a seat please! Will PM my wishlist asap!!

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    I would like a seat.
    I'll pm you my wishlist etc...

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    Would love a seat. Pm if you have room

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    I would love a seat as well. I will PM my wishlist in a few.
    Come join our Facebook group to find amazing deals!

    Show Me The Deal

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    Me too! Pming my list asap

    (hubbys bugging me to come to bed, I'll pm you my addy now & wishlist in the morning)
    Last edited by moefox; Mon, Apr 25th, 2011 at 01:49 AM.

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    I would love a seat!! PMing info.

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    Harbinger of Cookies
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    I would also love a seat! I will PM you my wishlist and address later today.

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    45 (100%)

    @Taxsavey - Could you fPM me you wishlist, address and name ASAP?


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