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    I met a fellow coupener today in London Drugs(sorry forgot to get your name) and we talked about the nasadrops and how we could not find the kit anywhere. I called the company and they are sending me one by express mail. As far as the customer service could tell they are not discontinued as I was told and he doesn't know why they are not around here, he said to try using the coupon on the refill kit but that he would send me one with the nasal asperator by mail. So anyone who has this coupon(comes on boxes of baby mum mum's) just call and they will send you one through the mail, they are supposed to be on sale at rexall,london drugs,pharmasave,shoppers drug mart and zellers if anyone wants to keep looking. I hope this helps other who have been on the search for it! If anyone finds the kits with nasal asperator in a store please let me know I have collected 3 coupons and would love to use them as my daughter has seasonal allergies.
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    thanks, haven't found anywhere here who sells them either....
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    I will PM if I come accross one.

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