I received my June issue of Homemakers today. I am a subscriber, and I am in Ontario, so they may be different in other provinces and on the shelves. There ane none in the magazine, just in the two booklets included in the bag.

Summer Flavours Booklet
$.75 on any Astro Original Balkan style yogurt (750g) or Greek yogurt (500g)-Dec 31st

Clip N Save Booklet
$1 on Sensodyne iso-active toothpaste-Aug 31st
$1 any Sunlight Laundry Detergent-Oct 31st
$1 any Ocean Spray Diet Cocktails or Craisins-May 31,2012
$1 any Ocean Spray Diet Cocktails or Blueberry Cocktails-May 31,2012
$1 any Newman's Own All Natural Dressing-Sept 30th
$1 any Newman's Own All Natural Pasta Sauce or Salsa-Sept 30th
$1.50 off any Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids Container-Sept 30th
$1 any one Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids, Lock-its, Produce Saver or Premier Container-Sept 30th
$.50 WYB any Barilla pasta product-Sept 30th
$1 any Hormel real bacon bits or pieces-Sept 30th
$1.50 any Van Houtte coffee 225g or larger-Sept 30th