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    I posted this on another thread, but thought afterwards that I should probably have just started a new one:

    I stacked at SOF Fleetwood today and found that they are being much more stringent with coupons than they were even yesterday. I chatted with the Asst. Manager who asked that we bear with them as they sort out exactly what the new stacking rules means. They are strictly enforcing "different media sources" and they are interpreting "one coupon per purchase" to mean one per transaction. I was not able to stack the Ziploc B2G2 free with the $4 off any 2 Ziploc. I was also not able to use more than one Ziploc coupon in the transaction. We did discuss the difference between one coupon per purchase and one per transaction and talked about how it could mean customers would be doing multiple transactions in order to use coupons. He understands this and asks that we exercise patience until they sort out the finer details of the new stacking policy. He indicated the policy came into effect very quickly without any advance notice and not a lot of detail. They value our business and want to be able to stack our coupons, but at the same time they want to be sure they will be reimbursed for the coupons they accept. So, please, keep your stacks 'clean' and your shops small until they have everything sorted out. They are trying to work with us but need a little time to get fully up to speed.

    P.S. They are aware of the wording restrictions on the P&G on-line coupons and will not be allowing stacking of those coupons. I know that on other threads some couponers have been successful stacking them...I never tried because I didn't want to 'mess things up' with stacking at SOF!
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    i know i was in there last night and asked about stacking with the cashiers and they didnt seem to know too much!!!
    one young guy said it HAD to be different media sources....
    i said that they have 2 different kraft $1.50 off wub2 with different upc codes and he said we couldnt use both.... i didnt understand why as they were different coupons and different upcs!!!
    i guess it will be trial and error!!
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    I was there a week ago, and the only thing the teller looked for was "limit one coupon per purchase" wording. I could not stack any that said that. They did not look for different media sources. Is the stacking policy consistent there, or does it change depending which teller you get?

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