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    If you would like access to free fruit throughout the summer, please consider joining OFRE as a fruit picker. You get to pick the fruit that your neighbors don't want (before it ends up on the ground) and your only cost is your time. To get on the list, see their website:

    Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton
    (OFRE. pronounced “offer”) Established in 2009. OFRE is a volunteer organization of fruit owners and pickers.
    Do you have a fruit tree that you don’t have the time or the energy to harvest?
    Are there more berries than you can handle?
    OFRE will send volunteers to your house at your convenience to pick your fruit or berries for you.

    • 1/3 goes to you

    • 1/3 goes to Edmonton’s Food Bank*

    • 1/3 goes to the volunteers

    Fruit Pickers & Volunteers Would you like to volunteer with OFRE?
    What’s involved? we are fledgling organization, so there are many parts you of the operation that you can get involved in, such as: being a fruit picker, a captain for your neighborhood, a driver to drop off donations at the foodbank and other locations, etc. You can choose how often and for what parts you would like to be involved in.
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    I love the concept of this. I looked into this last year as I had an abundance of apples. I was concerned who was responsible for accidents on my property. In terms of liability, I believe OFRE told me that volunteers assume the dangers of picking fruit. So - if the apple tree pokes you in the eye (happened to me last summer) or you fall off a ladder (friends husband died falling out of an apple tree) it's your responibility. Just keep that in mind and pick safe
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    This is a great idea, nice to see that the fruit does not go to waste, and a bonus for the Food Bank. My hubby takes all our extras to work and gives it away. And the dog loves the apples that fall to the ground.

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    Awesome idea. I'll have to let my Mom know she likes berry picking almost as much as she likes Free.

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    signed up as a volunteer... yeah can't wait.. thanks for this post.. its like a tripple whammy... you get to help the owner, the food bank and yourself...
    Hope I get picked

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