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    OK, so this morning the DW and I woke up earlier then usual and headed over to WM with coupons and list in hand. Our idea was to use our four Finish Quan. Printable coupons there with a PM to Zellers and get the overage to buy some milk and other stuff. Sold Out. Strike 1!

    Decided to go up to SOF and see if there are any coupons on the cereal to PM with Zellers' 2for$4 deal. Sizes for the Zellers cereal is 1/2 the size as any there.
    Strike 2!

    Decided to then head to Zellers to see if they had anything. Nope, cereal wasn't that good of a deal and no coupons on the small boxes.
    Strike 3!

    Off to work...

    After work, decided to make a list of other things and try again:

    Superstore (Abby)
    #1: 6x Fruictos Sample Shampoo 2in1 ($1.47each)
    Less 2x $5WUB3 (coupon zone) = Free or $-1.18 depending if a cashier wants to call a manager to mark down the coupon or not. Ours did not, so we got to apply the overage to our other purchases.

    #2: 2xSweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce ($3each)
    2=$6.00 - 2x$1 (Smart Source)
    OOP: $1 each
    Never tried it so we though.. why not?

    #3: 6xBush Baked Beans ($1.27each)
    6=$7.62 - 3x$1wub2 (Smart Source)
    OOP: $4.62 ($0.77each)

    SIDE NOTE: While we were looking at the beans we noticed another couple looking at the other brands that were much more expensive. I asked if they wanted a coupon for those and they lit up with an astounding YES. They explained that they had 7 to feed and I said, "Hey, we have extras why not get 6 cans!?" and handed them two more coupons! FUN TIMES...

    Total: OOP less then $6.00! (Saved about)

    Canadian Tire(Abby):
    Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System (9.95)
    1=$9.95 - $5 (smart source) = 4.96
    Used the "Tear at the Till" and got a $5 cert for M&M Meats
    Paid the $6.03 with CT Money and got $0.05 CT back
    Total: FREE (+ $0.05ct + $5 at M&M Meats)

    Decided that we wanted to see if the Langley WM Had the Finish Quan.

    so.... ROAD TRIP!

    #1: 2xNestle Milkshakes
    2 for $4 - 2x$1 (candy bag)
    OOP: $2(plus taxes) or $1 each

    Drank Milkshakes (REALLY GOOD!)

    Drove to Zellers at Willowbrook and grabbed a flyer.

    Arrived at Walmart:

    4xFinish Quad: $10.95 PM to Zellers = $4.99
    less $6 printable = $-1.01 x4 = $-4.04
    15xFructous Hair Gell ($1.44each)
    Since Walmart takes competitor coupons used 5 CZ
    15=$21.60 - 5x$5wub3 = $-3.40
    1x 2l Milk
    2x Lean Cuisine
    2x Corn Pops with $6 Activia coupon ($3 each)

    OOP: less then $12 after taxes.

    There was still a bunch of the Finish Quan. and Gell at the WM and more shampoo at RCSS when we left!

    Everything all worked out in the end, Total OOP today was about $20!

    Woot Woot!

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    Good for you! I had a big "couponing" shopping trip yesterday that was also similiar. Had planned to go to Zellers, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Superstore. After Zellers and LD being a bust and me walking out with nothing, I was already feeling tired and defeated. Although I had to go to Shoppers TWICE (because of a mistake on my receipt), I was happy with the items I scored from there and the 20x points I racked up! (Already got $10 worth of points from the one trip! and it was my first time shopping there!)

    I never made it to Superstore because we went to the movies, but Walmart was good and bad. They were sold out of the Ziploc stuff I wanted. After searching through about 15 Rubbermaid pitcher containers, I finally found one with the FPC iced tea coupon in it all the way in the back and was so happy to purchase that one! Coupon is worth more than the pitcher!! And also scored with the Bush beans, pickles, BBQ sauce, and a toothbrush. So at the end of the day I was happy

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    Sounds like a blast, I love days like this, since I love shopping it's really nice to be able to shop lots and not have the big "you blew the budget" feeling at the end.

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