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    has anyone had problems at the KG RCSS. This is the umpteenth time I have encountered a problem. Today I was at the King George Hwy RCSS and was buying 6 pink stickered Gillette products and was using the new P&G B3 save $5 coupon and was told that they don`t allow coupons to be used on pink stickered products and that the manufacture didn`t intend on coupons to be used on clearance items. She also went on and said that the coupon says 1 coupon per purchase so I got into that whole transaction VS purchase argument.... I ended up just doing 2 transactions grrr. The front end supervisor also said that they were cracking down on coupon use. She said this time she would allow it but next time she wont.I asked to see the policy and she said they don`t post the policy. I was like really... I think the Front end supervisor was full of herself and am wondering what other ppl are going through the same thing.
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    i also had a problem using my 75c smart bread coupon there on pink sticker bread. they told me it's fraudulent, I told them they could keep their stale bread and i'd just give SOF the business

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