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    I wanted my sons involved in cadets, but when we saw and spoke to a boy in last years military tatoo, he told us how to get free music lessons!
    The Air Force Association has a band, all ages (9+), they supply the tutors, and the practice equipment. The only expense comes when they travel to various places to perform.
    In Sept my son was given a choice of bagpipes, base drum, or snare drum.
    Since Sept, I have been taking my oldest every Monday, he is getting lessons from a few different people, and enjoys his time there. After lessons some of the older experienced band members have circle time, and perform as a band, it's a great way to kill a Monday night
    Money is tight, and when paying for lessons isn't an option, I hope this can help out some of you, too.
    The lessons are rather informal, and there is little if any testing, but he has learned how to do the scale, read music, and perform a few tunes on this chanter (practice for the bagpipes).
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    right on!! I'll keep that in mind for my oldest!!!
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