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    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Superstore has the Juice Pitchers ($4.99) that have the Ice Tea Powder FCP and a $0.50 coupon inside them.

    Also, Please BUY the pitchers and don't just steal the coupons.
    We found these at the Chilliwack Walmart as well and someone stole ALL the coupons out of them. They are taped shut for a reason people.

    Also, the superstore in Misson had the Ice Tea with $10 Delissio coupons on them so it's a win win!

    (Mission: In a middle of an isle about three shelves EAST of the Cheese area)
    Closer to the Toys area

    Abby: Middle of an isle as well, near the Door mats on the North West side of the store.)
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    Hey thanks I have been looking for these

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