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    I got tons of coupons for many products I have no use for and end up in the trash because I'm hesitant to trade thru the mail cuz of the strike plus you'll never know if you get ripped off until its too late. Send me a PM if want to meet up somewhere in sarnia.
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    Wishing for coupons! lucy16076's Avatar
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    HI katie...I dont' have any kid-friendly coupons but will keep my eyes out for them. All mine have just expired.
    I've done 3 coupon trains, one other that got derailed, & am in 3 more as of today. They do work And I've sometimes gotten ones that we don't see around Sarnia. Once I build my trade list, I'll get back to you for's tough for me living on the border because something has to be on sale with a coupon applicable to make it a better deal that shopping in Port Huron! I'm always looking for higher value coupons & great sales!
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    We live outside of Sarnia but if we are ever heading that way I will try to contact you! :o) Sounds good! Have you thought about starting up a couponing group there? I just joined one in London and the group is big and AMAZING! I think the first meeting had 15 traders at it! I missed this months but hope to go back! Besides it was 2 hours of going through coupons, snacks, laughter and alot of fun!! :o) I learned lots just in the first meeting!! Highly recommended!

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    I am in sarnia and have a few ppl interested in a coupon swap or train. Are any of you interested still?
    feel free to email me
    [email protected]

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