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    What a great day for deals!! I hit a couple of stores looking for Chocolate Cheerios, as I had 4 coupons that I had to use today!

    I found 1 box at Superstore, and thanks to a fellow SC'er I met in the checkout line, got the other 3 boxes! She even went back and got them for me, as I had my little one with me in my shopping cart! SCer's ROCK!

    I stopped at Wal-mart for afew things and happened to notice a small display of Venus & Gillette single razors for $3!! I just so happened to have 2 $3 off coupons, so I grabbed 4, 2 for free, and 2 for $1 (with $2 coupons!) They still have afew left, on a little end display towards the back wall

    Anyways, running into a fellow SCer got me thinking that we need to have a little get-together of PEI couponers Any thoughts?
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    Great deals! I would love to meet everyone...I noticed a lot of other communities having meets and swaps. I think it would be fun to be able to discuss deals without getting eyes rolled at me

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