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    Went to couple stores and got some really good deals!!

    SOF on ellerslie

    5x 100% Kraft Parmasean- on sale for $4.99 used $5 WUB 5 Kraft, 5x $1 of 250g Kraft Parmasean, 5x $1 on 250g Kraft Parmasean = $1.99 each!! YAY!! It's a great deal seeing how the cheapest I've seen the 500g is $8.99!!! Better use up those coupons since they expire June 30th.


    5x Kraft Singles Cheese Slices 24pk 500g $2.97 each use the $5 WUB 5 Kraft coupon=$1.97 each! Pretty good cuz' I usually get the 48pk for just under $6. The cheese slices are not on any sale but it's cheaper then SOF by $2 and the coupon is only for SOF so the only other store I can go to is Wally world!!


    Campbells soup 20 cans PM Zellers $0.54 each -Used 12 WUB 4 get $1 off-ALL FREE Good thing is that the store manager said it's great that I'm buying all the soup cuz' they had TONS in the back, it would help clear up some space. First time I didn't guilty for buying lots

    Hope everyone get some good deals!!
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    Some great deals! Well done
    Thanks for sharing!
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