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    So I went to the KG SOF twice and they had no idea of the promo.I looked were the Gatorade was and walked the whole store and couldn`t find the form. I really wanted to do the mail in rebate so I went to the Scott Rd SOF. Went straight to the Gatorade section it wasn`t there I didn`t want to walk around so I headed to CS and asked the girl there. She said if it wasn`t in the aisle then they didn`t have any. I asked her to call some one else and I swear she rolled her eyes at me! She called someone and then I was told in a rude way that the forms were in the Dairy Department. (Of all the places to be) walked there found the forms. One pad was lying inside the display so I took it and put it in the Gatorade section. I also took about 10 forms and delivered them to the KG SOF customer service.

    So if any one is interested SOF has the 6pk on sale for $5.49
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    Thanks! I swear they had those on sale for about $4.50 before this MIR appeared! Maybe they will go on sale again before the July 16 deadline...

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