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    I have lots of coupons up for trade if anyone is looking .....

    I am in NORTH Lethbridge .... I will place in mailbox And if you say your coming and don't show i will NOT Do a gift or trade of coupons again as it wastes my time and Envelopes.

    MOST of these Expire July 30th .... i have tide which expire Aug 30th

    Pampers Expiry (All 3 in the strip)
    Braun Shavers ones. $10.00 off (Great deal in Shoppers 19.99 -10.00 = 9.99 Shaver ) !!!
    $20.00 off any Clean, Renew Shaver
    Swiffer ones (Few different ones)
    Dove go fresh and anti-perspirant $1.00 off on each
    Tides Stain release, Stick, And buy 2 get 3 off
    Voortman's 50 cent off
    Disney Vitamins and Nature's Bounty $1.00 off
    old spice $1.00 off and $3.00 off wub2
    Satin care $1.00 off
    Crest 75 cent off
    Febreeze b2 and free when you buy 3 dawn, frebreeze, mr clean
    Cascade $1.50 off
    Charmin 50 cent off
    Dawn b2g $1.00 off
    Bounty, Puffs, Charmin $1.25 off
    Bounty 50 cent off
    Crest for Me $1.00 off Mouth wash and $1.00 off Tooth brush
    Crest White Strips $5.00 off And Crest for me Tooth paste $1.00 off
    Duracell Batteries $1.00 off
    Mr Clean B2 Save $1.00

    Looking for a Variety of Food coupons, Fruits, Dry goods, beverages, OR And FPC I can use for Donations. Also Royale Toilet tissue, Kleenex, And Scott Paper towel ect coupons needed. *

    You Don't have to trade anything i have no issue's RAOCK But if you have any not being used please Donate as i am apart of a few trains and Buy a ton for Donations between the food banks here in Lethbridge, And the Shelter, And Streets Alive.
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