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    Quote Originally Posted by betholio View Post

    I can't stand all this patronizing stuff about seniors. The elderly in this country brought down the Third Reich fer crissake. My Grandfather fought a war and my Grandma made bombs! BOMBS! They don't need our pity or our tears because they're now old and weak. They just need to be treated with common decency like we should treat everyone we come across.

    I work with seniors every damn day and I have never once pitied them. Respect-yes. Admiration-yes. Graditude-yes. Fascination-yes. Annoyance-sure, sometimes. Never one ounce of pity though.

    If my Grandma was still alive, she could kick all of your asses and then make you some chocolate chip cookies!
    Quote Originally Posted by TINMACK View Post
    I'm not familiar with a "mirior" - is it an indicator of harshness? Was it in that 1992 cult classic movie "CANDYMAN"(you know, with Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen before she got all "serious movie-ish)?" Was it forged in the fires of Mount Doom?

    Betholio, as long as you're doing the "mirior" thing, you might want to find out if there's a "tallinator" as well. I assume that's a machine for making you taller(it tops out at 5"11" though.....wowzers, NBA is sooo in sight!!) so that you can reach the last, dented, dusty, expired can of discounted beans for that slighted senior in your life.

    How dare you two! You should be ashamed or yourselves! Tinmack, making fun of someone making spelling mistakes? Are you kidding me?

    Betholio, why would you come in and trample all over this thread for no reason.

    This is disgusting.

    Betholio 24 hour ban, please come back nicer.

    Tinmack, this is not your first offence 1 week ban. This will be your last temp ban before a full ban if you do not stop being rude.

    Also KellyC There was no need for you to jump in on this to be negative. Next time it will be a temp ban.
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