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    Newbie couponer here! Getting ready for my first shop tomorrow. Any hints, tips or advice. I'm a little overwhelmed! I don't have many coupons yet and was thinking I would basically wonder a few stores. Gonna hit Super Store for sure. I read something about not cutting out printed coupons. Is that for real? and why?
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    Good luck with your shop tomorrow. I'm sort of neurotic when I go shopping with coupons - I look through all the flyers and then write out what is on sale where and figure out if I have coupons for it then I take everything to wal mart and price match with the flyer and use my coupons too.

    I find price matching so much easier than going to a whole bunch of different stores. Not too sure about the printable coupons as I have never bothered.

    Good luck though and have fun Saving money gets really addictive.

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