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    Does anyone know where the post that lists the different companies and their email/phone number that give out coupons when you contact them. I can't seem to find it. It was on the Smart Canuck website somewhere?
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    Here is a thread on Smart Canucks of companies people have emailed: I noticed that a few people have changed their posts and do not include the company address anymore.

    My suggeastion is to look at products in your home and see if they have a phone number or website address; many do and they encourage comments and suggestions. Let a company know what you do or don't like about their product and often they will send you something. In fact, I emailed Campbell's soup a few weeks ago and told them I use their stock in a box quite often, and I just got a coupon and some recipes from them in the mail (make sure when emailing a company to include your address).
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