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    Hi Good Morning all Fellow SCers! Was in London Drugs 8th Street last night and just want to say thank you to whomever put coupons in front of some of the products - didnt use any but realized what a good idea it is rather than just throwing away once they have expired. I will make that a practice from now on, as there are lots of coupons that I never purchase the product for. Meant to check for aspirin there for those looking but forgot!
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    I also leave Coupons for Karma :D I find them everywhere; walmart, zellers, sobey's...etc. So I tend to leave some as well that I won't be using anytime soon. I was at Walmart (Bett Ave) and I notice the aspirin and LaCoupe travel size prices have went up!!!! I am considering that move because of the coupons for them that has a remaining overage if used. I will going back to LDs this evening. Any deals?

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