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    Just an FYI to let everyone know that the Frozen Minute maid juice is at 0.50 cents each until TOMORROW.

    with the new coupon B4G1 free the frozen juice comes to only 40 cents each...It's an amazing deal since the minute maid juice is usually around 1.99 or 1.49 depending where you buy it..

    I just realised it now and thought I would share..

    If this is a double post please erase..
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    Or this link as well for Quebec residents..Free GC and more..

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    If you like the frozen Nestea Ice Tea, don't forget you can use that one as your free one (I think it's at 99 cents til tomorrow but still free!).
    ~RRLF $0.75 Organic Meadow, $1 Almond Fresh~

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