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    This had to be one of the best laundry products ever but, today I received a reply from SC Johnson to say that Colour Catchers are no longer available in Canada.

    I began using this product in England then had to ask friends and family to send supplies when I moved to Calgary. I wrote to the British manufacturers and they said they were available here under the Shout brand. I then wrote to SC Johnson and I was advised they were being distributed through Co-Op and Zellers stores. One sheet per wash load and no more cross-colouration, dye runs, or ruined clothes

    Recently I was having difficulty finding them so I wrote again to SCJ only to receive the bad news. If any of you feel inclined to e-mail SCJ to complain then perhaps we can get their stupid decision over-turned. Thanks.
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    I love Color Catchers! I just bought some at Target in Seattle, so if you're going to the states, stock up!

    They're available at and I believe they will ship to Canada.


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    Darn, and i was just thinking the other day that maybe we should buy them and try them out, and now there not even selling them here!

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