Hey everyone! All 3 of my kids are invloved with modeling at Mode Elle modeling in belleville. They had auditioned for the Canadian Talent and Modeling competition in Toronto. And by my shock they were all selected!! So we are in the begining stages of doing some fundraising. This could be an oppertunity of a life time for them.

Our first challenge is to raise the most Canadian Tire money possible. What this could do for one of the kids is to win a FREE photo shoot! Worth aprox $400-$500. So from now till Sept 29 we are collecting as much as we can. I was wondering if anyone would like to donate a little that they may have sitting around. This means the world to my kids.

In the begining of Oct we will be starting our second fundraiser of selling raffle tickets. I'll update the post when they are avaliable and with the details on it at that time.

For those that do wish to donate some CT money I will be giving away a secret prize to the one that donates the most. So if you'd like to help us out simply reply to this post or pm me.

If you'd like to see what the CMTC is all about. you can check out the website. www.cmtc.ca. Thanks for reading and wish us luck!!!

Jazlynn, Jennessa, and Jaxson (my kids)