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    When summer began for me (mid-April), I started looking for paints. I was going to paint my parents' primary rooms and hallways.

    I chose Valspar because I saw a Consumer Report ranking them having one of the best paint and primer in one.

    I started painting the primary rooms with a light grey. It came out purple grey! The colour underneath is peach. I did 2 coats... no difference.

    Then I went on vacation and only recently started to paint the hallways. The colour we chose was beige, original colour was also peach. The colour on the walls also came out PURPLE. Holy crap! I am so frustrated now. Called them, and the paint dept. said I should bring it in for them to check the paint. Hopefully I can return the 3 cans of paint I have left. This is ridiculous! I tried a bit of the sample can of Benjamin Moore I got on the wall, a beige tan, and it looks fine, it does not look purple at all! I will NEVER buy Valspar AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

    I took some pictures...
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    I'm sorry but I think they look pretty alike, especially in the second picture. The color probably has a purple undertone, and the lighting in the room shows it more.
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    i bought valspar paint a month ago too and wasnt thrilled. for the $ wouldnt buy it again.

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