I had a really nice experience shopping at SDM yesterday and I wanted to share just incase you didnt know this. I was always told that you need to spend $50 before taxes after coupons to get you $10 gift card or your $10 tim card. Well yesterday I was in hanmer and it wasnt too busy so I spoke with a girl in cosmetics, she said the same thing. I said I wanted to try and see, just for fun, so I went and got $50 worth of stuff after my coupons (just in case) and I only ran in the things to bring it up to $50 before tax, I gave her my optimum card and I qualified, then I gave her my coupons which brought it down to $33 before taxes and guess what...I still qualified, I was pumped so I bought out the stuff I purchased to the car and made another transaction with the balance with a few more items and got a second card (with a different cashier by the way) and spend $30 before taxes. :D