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    I was sent this from bzzagent to test, like many SCers and here is my review:

    While Trend Micro's Titanium Anti Virus Protection does seem to live up to its claims, my main issue with it was the installation.

    I have always had an Antivirus run alongside a Malware checker which I run when I think there may be an issue. The Trend Micro software makes you uninstall all and any other protection software. Secondly, using Firefox, which is a major browser, you have to install a second fix to get the web and link protection working - not something people would necessarily know if they were not computer savvy.

    Most antivirus software is easy to install, but this took some time, deciding if I wanted options from the control panel and then installing those and signing up for them separately despite them being part of the package.

    It does seem to use less memory than my old software, but it found no viruses so obviously the free product was doing just as good a job.

    I do like the coloured links showing me if the link takes me to a phishing site etc but much more work needs to be done on this to build a bank of links as many show in grey as they have not been rated yet.
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    Thats one of the things too for me the grayed out links. Even for sites I know are legit 100% safe sites, but still a nice feature though. I thought install was pretty quick but had the same thoughts about it wanting to uninstall other ones. Hey pixel so far its not bad though,lol.

    As I was typing this it felt like an earthquake hit, floor was rumbling...

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    I also installed it, but it made me uninstall Avaste, Malwarebytes, and Adaware. I'll let Trent Micro Titanium run for another week and then uninstall it, and then reinstall Avaste/Adaware/Malwarebytes to see just how effective Titanium was at keeping my PC clean and safe.

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