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    Development Department

    Rolled Coin, Cash or “in kind” donations of Wish List Items

    Canadian Tire $$$ used to buy supplies

    Sherwood Drugmart “Perks” dollars

    HBC reward points

    Used ink/laser cartridges, cell phones, blackberries/PDAs, or digital cameras for our “Think
    Recycle” Fundraising Recycling Program

    Projector (compatible with laptop for a variety of presentations)

    AA re-chargeable batteries and unit

    6ft light-weight folding table

    Shelter interior – Administration Areas

    New general lighting fixtures to replace existing fluorescent lighting fixtures

    Shelter exterior

    Commercial “sliding letter” reader board for front lawn

    Dog park and exterior cat condominium areas

    Water line from Shelter to Dog Park for Dog Fountain

    Dog related toys for the Dog Park

    2 baskets to put in the Dog Park for toys

    Animal care items

    Clumping AND Non-clumping cat litter – (This is one of our highest expenses!)

    All types of clean, washable toys for cats and dogs – ex. “Kongs”, squeaky or pet-friendly

    stuffed toys

    All types of pet treats (without food colouring, please)

    “Aspen” shavings and “Carefresh” animal bedding

    Stainless steel food and water dishes for dogs and cats

    Small ceramic dishes (dollar store) to use as food dishes for small pocket pets

    Canned cat and dog food for shy eaters and to help administer medications

    Timothy cubes for small animals

    “Big Branch Bites” for small animals

    “MediCAL” Dog Treats – small animals love them too!

    Paper Towels

    Powdered Laundry detergent

    Liquid Dishwasher detergent (Electrosol)

    Sunlight liquid dish detergent

    Garbage bags – 13 and 30 gallon sizes

    Disposable latex and non-latex gloves (size medium)

    Clean gently-used facecloths, hand towels, blankets

    New or gently used “Scrubbies” Uniforms and Lab Coats

    Walkie talkies, 6 units, durable and water resistant

    Water bottles for critters

    Timothy Cubes

    Yogurt drops for guinea pigs and rabbits

    Aspen shavings and Carefresh animal bedding

    Oxbow brand rabbit and guinea pig pellets (available at Global Pet Foods)

    Baby toys like sets of plastic keys, small stuffed animals, rattles, wooden blocks, plastic balls or
    stackable plastic rings

    Big Branch Bites available at pet stores or apple branches from your apple tree at home

    Wicker balls or grass mats

    Fresh, crisp romaine lettuce, green peppers, dandelion greens, apples, carrots (please call ahead
    to check our supply)

    Yucko’s Poop Scoop’n Service Pet Gumball Machine. Used as an enrichment tool for dogs and
    cats. (

    Animal Protection Services

    Gift Certificates or cash donations for: car washes, windshield washer fluid, motor oil, and
    disposable gloves

    Pocket sized notebooks and refills

    AVC Humane Dog Training Program

    New or gently-used collars and leashes. We do not use pinch collars, prong collars or shock

    New or gently-used “Halties” or “Gentle Leader” head collars

    New or gently-used no-pull dog harness

    Administrative supplies

    Photocopier paper (white and coloured)

    Display boards

    New banker boxes

    Ink/Toner Cartridges: HP Deskjet 6940/5650, HP LaserJet 1018/1020/P1505, Lexmark Fax
    Machine X4270
    Lint Rollers

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    Wow! I had no idea they needed that much stuff.

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