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    Well, I didn't see anything about the coupon stacking thing, but I didn't look hard either.

    I did, however, get two for $7 always infinity with a $1 coupon, which made it $2 off. Cheaper at Zellers with the $1 off coupon because it's $3.33 there right now; I just didn't want to drive all over the world for that of all things, lol

    Softlips coupon, buy two get $3 off, which meant $6 off. And, at $3.49 each, it was under a buck for both.

    Covergirl makeup on sale from $4.99 and up with $2 off coupon made for a couple of good deals.

    Living in the area made it worth it.

    They weren't too nice about the printables, though, and only allowed me to use one. And, the prices are steep there, so it's not completely even worth it when Walmart is already low priced and allows coupons.
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    I agree that the prices there were high..wasn't really worth the trek for 2 Tums for 3.99..but I did have the experience of a double coupon day I guess lol

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